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Free Postcode Lottery’s Bonuses!

At Free Postcode Lottery, we give you to chance to add to your lottery winnings, by winning bonuses that range from a few pennies simply for checking a draw to ten pounds for signing up to or buying something from one of our valued partners.

How to Build Your Lottery Bonus

Your Bonus is added to your winnings whenever you win a prize on Free Postcode Lottery (excluding Flash Draws). There are lots of ways that you can build your lottery bonus. You can build your bonus each day simply by visiting the website and checking each of the draws. You’ll receive 1p per day for each of the three main draws, as well as for making referrals and completing the offers on the Bonus Draw page – after a week or two this can really add up!

Once you’ve built up your bonus, you can start unlocking access to each of the £5, £10 and £20 Bonus Draws as you reach those amounts – increasing your chances of winning every day!

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