Just want to say a big thank you to Chris and whoever else is running this great website!! Really appreciate the money and came at the right time. Have a great weekend to you all. Robert

Robert, S35 8PT on 6th Oct 2015

Thanks for my stackpot win yesterday. Nice little surprise and only been on here for 6 months. Not even won anything on the lottery in the same time and have to pay for that.

Simon, BH8 8PN on 21st Sep 2015

Thanks for my £100 Jackpot Draw win earlier this month, and thanks also for providing it in Amazon vouchers with hours of my claim. Bought myself a snazzy new portable MP3 player. I was sure I’d never win but nice to be proved wrong. Thanks again FPL.

Jem, SW1P 4DJ on 5th Jun 2015

Just wanna post to say THANK YOU for my £200 (and 11p haha) win this morning. Checked my Paypal and it's in there already, only claimed it an hour ago! Cheers :-) xx

Zahrah, SO16 5PD on 1st Apr 2015

I won £292 on New Years Day. A big surprise and a great start to the year. Easy to claim, the winners/claim box hits you in the face when you go to check your postcode. You can't miss it. Got the money really quickly. Thank you.

Edie, TQ1 4HQ on 1st Jan 2015

Thank you for shared win of £180 yesterday FPL, it was a very lovely surprise and will come in very handy. Can't believe the £90 winnings have already been added to my PayPal, very prompt and one very happy girl. Thank you!! xxx

Kelly, B37 6TU on 20th Oct 2014

I've just won £154.32 many thanks to FPL, I am absolutely delighted and will put the money to good use.

David, IM7 5ET on 1st Sep 2014

I just wanted to say a huge thanks, I was on such a high yesterday afternoon. I don't think I've ever won anything before! I've made both my mum and mum in law sign up with you, and shared and shouted as loud as I can.

Michelle, NR5 0UG on 20th Aug 2014

Thank you free postcode lottery for the £100 win. From North Yorkshire!

Jane, Y018 7HY on 18th Jul 2014

Hi Chris. Very pleased with my win, thank you very much. Came in very handy! Much appreciated. Kind regards. Phil.

Phil, NR32 4UL on 13th Jul 2014

Thanks people. I remember to check most days. Sometimes it was very close to me and I couldn't see people claiming. I couldn't believe my eyes the other day - my postcode was picked. The FPL people were quick on the ball at emailing me. The money was in my account the next day - all £43.73 of it. YIPPEE. Thanks FPL. :D

Anne, BT36 6RG on 8th Jun 2014

I've been doing the lottery for a few months now and I check it most days. I couldn't believe it when I saw my postcode especially since the pot had reached £240! It happened at just the time I needed a little more cash, so I'm very thankful. Keep believing and checking - you could be next!

Laura, BA4 4QA on 14th May 2014

Thank you soooo much Chris for my winnings, I check every day and honestly could not believe it when I saw my postcode on the screen!! I'm still in shock now, probably wont sleep tonight, lol Thanks again hun :) I won £203.71 including my bonus! Had to check my screen quite a few times then I think my brain was playing tricks on me and didn't think it could be MY postcode! :p

Rachael, B35 6PJ on 8th May 2014

Won £126.12 yesterday, money in PayPal this morning, thanks ever so much, xx

Karen, BD8 0PG on 26th Apr 2014

I joined 38 days ago and have just won £120.38. I am so happy, I really didn't expect it. I have told all my contacts on FB. Thank you so much.

Lynne, PR2 9UQ on 21st Apr 2014

I won yesterday - got such a surprise when I clicked the link in my email and the winner box appeared. Got my email from paypal and a message from Chris. I've posted my success on hotukdeals and facebook and invited others to join. Fantastic site - no spam and a reminder email every day. Thank you :-)

Karen, GU2 9QD on 15th Apr 2014

Thanks i won a fiver on saturday on the Mini Draw. It was the first time I checked! Shame it wasn't a tenner but not complaining! Thanks again :-)

Samantha, WV11 1EE on 22nd Mar 2014

£46.60 richer thanks to Free Postcode Lottery :) cheers

Craig, TQ14 9HG on 14th Mar 2014

Only registered 2 days ago to join and won already thank you very much.

Wendy, PO9 4NH on 5th Mar 2014

I won today, thank you so much, it was a lovely surprise. Everyone should join up, its no effort to check each day and its free!!!!

Val, PR6 9PU on 24th Feb 2014

I won £60 last week which was amazing because I only joined up a few weeks ago. I had to do a double-take when I saw my postcode! I was very impressed with the speed that my win was processed - thanks so much. I've urged my friends to join up because 10 seconds to click refresh per day is very well worthwhile :-)

Allison, ST4 8TZ on 21st Feb 2014

I'm very pleased to have won 37 quid, never thought my postcode would come up but today was my lucky day, thanks!

Jolene, EX16 6EB on 19th Feb 2014

Thank you so much, I never thought I'd win and it made a bad day so much better, you're a great guy Chris :-)

Michelle, ME15 0HG on 18th Feb 2014

I was overjoyed with my win yesterday, many, many thanks. Good luck everyone. xxxxxxxxx

Chris, DN5 0NN on 27th Jan 2014

WOW.. what a great surprise.... I never expected to win let alone win the BIG [£240] one. thank you Chris, keep up the great site and your hard work.

Stacey, BS10 5JL on 22nd Jan 2014

I won the other day, now have the money over already. I never expected to win, I live in the middle of nowhere so thought it would be a long shot that the 5 of us on this street would ever win. I didn't believe it at first and had to look again and again. Check everyday because the day you don't your postcode will come up. I am so pleased with the way that the site works it is very easy to use and the email updates keep you checking every day. I will be recommending to all my friends to enter their postcodes because I have seen one of my friends postcodes come up already. Well worth joining, no spam or messing about, some other sites will ask you to fill in a million surveys just for a chance but the free postcode lottery is not one of these. Simple, genuine giveaways. I am one happy bunny :)

Katie, SA44 4BA on 19th Dec 2013

just want to say a huge thanks, i was todays postcode lottery winner as was my mum (she lives next door) fab page and the money is in my account already! will still keep checking though ;-) have recommended to all my friends!

Iola, LL29 9BH on 31st Oct 2013

Been subscribed to freepostcodelottery since it started and was delighted my postcode came up and won £166 + a £166 donation to Support Dogs Charity! Thanks Chris

Laura, PA3 2LF on 17th Jul 2013

I won £140!! And the money was in my bank the same day! Also generously Free Postcode Lottery matched my win and donated the same amount to charity! Thanks

Amy, L10 7LP on 1st Jul 2013

Thank you so much, this could not have come at a better time as we are taking our children on holiday this weekend, £140 will buy a lot of ice cream haha :) x

Sharma, CO4 5BP on 4th Jun 2013

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