Watch the video provided to reveal the winning postcode. If your postcode is the winner, a claim button will appear. You also get a penny bonus every day, just for visiting the page. Good luck!

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2065 Comments on "Video Draw"

Allan Don
1 day 5 hours ago

I’ve not seen any postcodes from anywhere near me, I live in Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis and I have not seen any postcodes even close to me on the mainland, is it only postcodes from English cities that are getting picked? Or maybe it’s because I live so far up in the north west of Scotland on the biggest scottish Island, I really hope that postcodes from up here like mine are in the draw, I have my postcode registered on here but still I’ve not seen anyone else’s postcode close to me win anything

1 hour 52 minutes ago

ZE postcode yesterday which I believe is one of the scottish isles.

6 hours 8 minutes ago
Allan, if you look on the Past Winners page, you’ll see postcodes drawn from every part of the UK and islands. There are hundreds of winners from Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England and some from remote spots. However, the more postcodes registered in an area, the more it’s likely to see them drawn. For example, on my tablet, 6 pages of HS postcodes registered compared to 470 pages of BT codes. Many with multiple entries. So, you’d expect to see BT codes regularly drawn and HS codes rarely. As the winners are drawn by a computer, they are not geographical,… Read more »
6 hours 43 minutes ago

Three HS2 postcodes come up in the stackpot past winners, most recent one in January. All UK postcodes which are registered on the site are entered in the draw, it doesn’t matter which area you’re in.

1 day 6 hours ago

Just wondering how the postcodes ate drawn please?

6 hours 24 minutes ago

By a computer, using a random selector. Only registered postcodes go in the draws.

Kay Harding
1 day 11 hours ago

I really like this music but I’m 66 so I hope that their target audience does too!

Desna Bate
2 days 1 hour ago

Surprisingly I liked this song and video 😊 Charlie Manning nice one

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