Watch the video provided to reveal the winning postcode. If your postcode is the winner, a claim button will appear. You also get a penny bonus every day, just for visiting the page. Good luck!

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2242 Comments on "Video Draw"

5 hours 4 minutes ago

Scroll to the bottom below comments flash draw is after 6pm

4 hours 4 minutes ago

Hi Tracy, I think you meant to say it’s the “Mini Draw” that is at the end of the page that shows after 6pm 🙂 🙂

4 hours 6 minutes ago

The Draw at the bottom is the Mini Draw. The flash draw overrides an ad on any page you’re on (On Free Postcode Lottery and if you’re lucky!). It’s the chance to win a Fiver. The mini Draw is £100.

1 day 22 minutes ago

Anyone see video postcode please

3 hours 22 minutes ago

It shows above the video after about 20 seconds, you don’t need to play it.

Valerie Rennison
1 day 23 hours ago

This is not a complaint, just an observation: I have checked the video and survey draws twice today and I have never seen the flash draw, nor any other day for that matter. Is it random timewise or is it after a certain time? Thanks for your comments

5 hours 9 minutes ago

I’ve been on here for quite a while and check every draw every day (my bonus is over £18 (@ 3p a day) and I have never seen a Flash Draw. Judging by the other comments I suspect they are not worth actively searching for

5 hours 14 minutes ago

Valerie…’s totally random time wise and location. Like the old tv ad used to say “any time, any place, any where”

19 hours 5 seconds ago

It’s at random times, will just load instead of an advert. There are no set times for that draw

Lu Lu Lu
1 day 49 minutes ago

There are only 4 or 5 a day at any given second within each 24 hr period. Just pure chance if you happen to log in to the right page at the right time.

1 day 3 hours ago

It can appear anywhere and at any time in place of an ad. If you go to Past Winners and to the Flash tab it shows where it has been found. I do remember seeing a comment once from someone on a night shift who found the first one of the day.

2 days 4 hours ago

I believe that one day soon or soonest I will be congratulated. I rejoice with the winners!

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