1. Registering your postcode and email address means that your postcode goes into the pool of postcodes from which a random postcode is chosen when there is a draw.
  2. You must be over 18 to play. If you are under 18 please ask an adult to play on your behalf.
  3. Only postcodes that are registered by players will be drawn. So, there is always at least one eligible winner.
  4. If the winner(s) fail to visit the site and collect then the prize pot is rolled into the next one.
  5. If the same postcode has been entered more than once (by different players) the prize is shared between them (if the postcode is drawn).
  6. The more players there are in a postcode the more chance that postcode will be drawn. For example, if there are 10 players in postcode A, and 1 player in postcode B, postcode A is 10 times more likely to be drawn.
  7. Players can only register once. You can only have one postcode and one email registered at one time. If you move or change your email address you can click the 'Change postcode/email' link and change either of these. Anyone found breaking this rule will have their entry disabled without notice.
  8. Once the draw has been made, those who have already registered the drawn postcode are elligible to 'Collect'. Registering a postcode after it has been drawn does not entitle you to collect for that draw.
  9. To 'Collect' the player needs to visit the site and press the 'Collect' button before the next draw. This only appears if you are a winner.
  10. Once a player has collected they have secured a proportion of the prize pot. The proportion they finally get depends on how many others from the winning postcode collect before the next draw.
  11. Whenever there is a draw, those who have won and collected for the last draw will be notified of their winnings via email.
  12. By 'Player' we mean someone who lives in the UK and is fortunate enough to have home with a postcode (and email address).
  13. Email reminders are provided to help you remember. If they fail, or your email provider chooses to filter them into Spam/Junk folders then we are not liable for missed winnings.
  14. In order to keep the site fair we reserve the right to query certain entries. In particular, 'role' based email addresses (eg. or non-personal addresses (eg. are likely to be queried if they are one of multiple entries from a single postcode. We ask that you avoid using such email addresses if you can.
  15. We reserve the right to withold winnings if we cannot ascertain that the entry is legitimate. We may require proof of address.
  16. In order to reduce unwanted, and unopened emails, we will automatically cancel your daily draw alerts if you have not visited the site for over a month.
  17. We may temporarily remove entries that have not visited the site for several months. These entries will be reactivated the next time the user logs in either directly on the site, or via a reminder email.

Stackpot Rules

  1. At each refresh a new postcode is selected from all of those entered and added to the stack.
  2. At this point, any unclaimed blocks remain in the stack but their winning postcodes are changed.
  3. A block remains in the stack until it is claimed.
  4. If all blocks are claimed the stack is empty until the next draw.
  5. If a block contains your postcode, click/press it and you will receive £10 through PayPal to your registered email address.
  6. Refresh times vary. Please remember to check the top of the page to see when the next one is.

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103 Comments on "Rules"

6 days 2 hours ago

Complete con same postcodes time and time again

Lu Lu Lu
2 days 4 hours ago

Poor Colin the Troll can’t see the difference between postcodes. Wonder why you’re still here? Most people would have “left the building” by now if they were so convinced they were being conned. Hard to imagine what you think you’ve been “conned” out of.
Or is it simply that you haven’t won yet and you’re miffed that others have?

John Hamer
2 days 22 hours ago

What a load of tosh. What exactly are you being conned out of ? You can always claim your money back if you think that you have been conned out of it. Oh wait a minute though, what am I saying, silly billy as I am, it is FREE, you don’t have to part with a Penny to play the FPL lottery.
There is a “Leave the site” button at the bottom of every page if you really feel so disgruntled about it. ๐Ÿ™‚

2 days 23 hours ago

Getting a sense of deja vu again and the response is exactly the same – complete rubbish – don’t know why you continue to troll – nobody’s interested in your ridiculous opinion.

Stephanie geddes
17 days 2 hours ago

I am a new player.good luck to me!

15 days 1 hour ago

Welcome and Good Luck – Hope you’ve had a chance to look round – the FAQ are an essential to help understand how the site works.

24 days 1 hour ago

i am new player
i login but no show next anyone

Jane W
16 days 5 hours ago

What is it you’re wanting to check?

26 days 9 hours ago

Can i have winnings transferred to bank account. Dont have paypal account anymore and dont want one

John Hamer
23 days 22 hours ago
Hi, don’t think you can but you can always ask when/if you win. This from FAQ. The reason we send money via PayPal is so that you do not have to enter your bank details onto yet another website. If you do not have a PayPal account connected to the email you register with then you will receive an email from PayPal explaining what you need to do to get your money. If, at that point, you really don’t want to sign up to PayPal please get in touch and ask for the winnings in the form of an Amazon… Read more »
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