Free Postcode Lottery

The People of Free Postcode Lottery

Chris Holbrook – Founder

chris Chris had the idea for Free Postcode Lottery in 2007 when he heard a report about the “postcode lottery” of drugs provision through the NHS. In 2011, he built the site and launched whilst working as a freelance web developer in London. Four years later he left his job to focus on Free Postcode Lottery full-time, and has since hired seven people to help the site grow.

Will Roberts – Commercial Director

will Will has achieved more in business and marketing in the handful of years he’s been out of full-time education than most marketers achieve in their lifetimes. He decided against going to university to do law and ventured into the tech startup world with a focus on marketing and monetisation. Having launched his first internet business at age 15, Will started working in the London startup scene at age 17 with mentorship from Mark Pearson.

Kat Wojcik – Creative Director

kat wojcikKat was brought on as a freelance visual designer to tidy and beautify things. Having completely transformed the “look and feel” it soon became apparent that she had so much more to offer and we could not let her go. A veteran of the tech start up scene, she delivers things with immense speed, technological versatility and creativity and spins out personality in both visual and textual tone of voice. Unlike most designers she has a talented turn of phrase that captures the spirit of fun that we want our users to experience. God knows how her brain doesn’t over-heat. She also directed and produced our wonderful TV ad. Thanks Kat!

Nick Fox – Technical Director

nick fox
Nick is an expert in WordPress, which powers almost a quarter of the web. He co-founded one of the world’s most advanced and most popular open source development platforms for WordPress, He was originally hired by Chris to train him on the products, but having met the team he was convinced to abandon a career in law and join us full-time. Nick has an encyclopaedic knowledge of web technology, not to mention law.

Ashley Davies – Operations Manager

ashleyAs Operations Manager, Ashley’s role is to look after our users, she takes care of all your queries and requests and most importantly, your winnings! She also responds to your comments and messages through the site and on social media. If you have ever had a bonus needing adding, chances are Ashley has added it for you. Ashley loves to help all our users access the site and use the site better, if you ever have any issues Ashley will try her best to resolve them. Outside of FPL, Ashley is an actor and theatre director, take a look at her theatre company’s website here.

Vic Collingridge – Community Initiatives Manager

vicWorks with and for our FPL community, getting to know you and most importantly listening to your feedback. Having just finished a Masters degree in Human Rights, Vic is interested and passionate about making a difference and has worked on some previous volunteering initiatives with our FPL users. She also goes through all the offers and competitions on the site to check their terms and conditions and tests them out. She was a user of FPL before we hired her, so she has a unique experience amongst the team, as she was already part of the community. Vic is a ‘people-person’ and loves getting to know every user on FPL and is also our “moral compass” to make sure we are always fair and inclusive to all our users.

Grace Howe – Marketing Assistant

grace howeGrace is the newest member to the FPL team. She started doing a week’s work experience in June, then the week turned into a summer internship and come October she’s still here! Grace works alongside Will setting up the offers that we email out to you and those that are on our bonus page. She also spends a lot of her time on our Video Draw, replying to FPL users who want to be featured or have requests for the draw and then putting them up on the page 🙂