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Get a Shavekit razor and replacement head for just £1 + £6.50 bonus

I assume most men are like me… Just one more shave with that blunt and rusty razor before I finally remember to buy some new ones. Shavekit fixes this problem by sending out replacement razor heads as often as you choose.

They claim their razors are better than the established brands and that is backed up by their reviews on Once the £1 (or £3 trial for the 5-blade version) is over they charge £6.95 per month (or £8.95 for the 5-blade), assuming you are getting through 4 per month. However, if like me, you are lazy (or, umm… like having stubble) then they offer less frequent options (bi-monthly, tri-monthly or longer, however often you want)

Bonus £200

Referral Goodness

As well as earning you cred with your friends we’ll add up to £200 to your bonus when you get them to enter. Each referral earns you 1p instantly and then up to 20p as they build up their own bonus.

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