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How do you collect if you win?
A popup appears with a big "Collect" button.

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4 days 13 hours ago

How do I get my bonus for signing up with quidco? Tried emailing but it keeps failing x

John Hamer
3 days 20 hours ago

Hi, I use this email for the Admin, it usually works
Try it anyway, nothing to lose and good luck 🙂

7 days 11 hours ago

How to know my post code

Debbie Jane
7 days 15 hours ago
I would just like to say what a fantastic site this is and i never tire of logging in, checking the draws and reading the varied comments. I’ve been collecting my daily pennies on FPL for a few years now and accumulated the princely bonus of £19.99 and although I’ve not won as yet; i am ever hopeful. I was wondering if; when Chris and co. are looking at increasing prize pots or adding additional draws; they might consider adding a £20 bonus draw to the £5 and £10 bonus draws we already have. This would reward the longer standing… Read more »
Sharon matthews
8 days 22 hours ago

f this lottery is randomly selected, how come it is either the same postcode every day for a week, and its alphabetical?

Lu Lu Lu
3 days 16 hours ago

Sharon, not sure what you’ve been looking at, but obviously nothing on this site!!
There are 8 daily draws with numerous codes selected. The same postcode hasn’t been drawn in the last 2 months. This year I think there’s been one code drawn twice.
Have a look at the Past Winners lists and you can see hundreds of recent codes with none being the same.
I don’t understand what you mean about alphabetical. All the codes are different, there is no order to them. Have no idea what you are seeing!

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