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How do you collect if you win?
A popup appears with a big "Collect" button.

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Shelley Louise Powley
1 day 23 hours ago

‘ I dont why evry bonus i have entered or i have joined never seem to be added to my credit. Since i have been a member! !๐Ÿ˜ฆdam i not doing something i always assumed they automatically added can u ease reply as i have had response to private messages I have sent to you
Many thanks shell x๐Ÿ˜‰

9 hours 18 minutes ago

Shelley, is your 3p per day for visiting all the pages being added?

10 hours 39 minutes ago

Hi Shelley, I can’t find any emails from you. Sorry! If you have taken up any of the offers, please forward any confirmation emails you have received from the offer provider to and I’ll add them for you!

2 days 1 hour ago

Why can`t I place a comment, without having to send to facebook. I am not on facebook and do not wish to be

9 hours 20 minutes ago

Susie at the bottom of the main draw, survey draw, Stackpot and video draw pages, there are non-Facebook discussion threads. They look just like this one.
The Community Forums are non-Facebook comments threads too.
I too am not on Facebook. I always use the “Disqus” facilities at the bottom of the pages. You just need a posting name and your email address to post.

5 days 18 hours ago

I try to change my postcode but when I type email then current postcode it says no match buy I type old post code and works but can’t use that postcode… As I don’t live there need to change it

John Hamer
4 days 6 hours ago

Hi, did you try this from the FAQ page
If not have a try from here, if it won’t change it I would use the “Contact” button and ask the Admin about it. Good luck ๐Ÿ™‚

6 days 52 minutes ago

I signed up for an offer but my bonus didn’t get added. What do I need to do?

1 day 1 hour ago

Use the contact form on this page.

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