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How do you collect if you win?
A popup appears with a big "Collect" button.

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Sandra Shrimplin
12 hours 31 minutes ago

Ooooooh I just won £5 on the flash, thank u very much, now how do I know when it goes into my PayPal account, x

Jane W
5 hours 30 minutes ago

Usually paid in within 48 hours. Just check your PayPal account. It will be recorded as a payment in.

Jane W
5 hours 29 minutes ago

Sorry, posted too quickly! Meant to say congratulations on spotting a flasher!!

marie leveque
22 hours 9 minutes ago

New to Quidco,bought from George,said new person will get £10 bonus + £12 cashback, but 1 week is over now and haven’t received any bonus.
I know the cashback will come later.
Contacted admin,sent the tracking receipt,they answered back saying my £10 bonus was credited but not at all 🙁
What should i do?
Can anybody help please?

6 hours 48 minutes ago

Hi marie,

Your bonus has been added, you should be able to see it in the top right-hand corner of the screen!

fred Walton
5 days 10 hours ago

I think it is all a big scam it won’t accept any emails to join up it says contact us but just brings up this page so ho do you contact them?

John Hamer
2 days 1 hour ago

You can also send Admin an email with your query at
if it is easier for you 🙂

John Hamer
2 days 2 hours ago

Hi, put your email address in the “Your email” above
put your message in the space “Your message”
click on the “Send” button
Someone from FPL will get back to you as soon as possible by your Email address. It’s definitely not a scam and good luck 🙂

2 days 2 hours ago

Your statement about a scam makes no sense as a scam is making money out of people by fraudulent means, and this site is free. The method of contact could not be more straightforward. Just put your email and message above and click send. Simples!

8 days 7 hours ago

Can someone help I need to get into contact with free postcode lottery do they have a phone number or just an email address

Lu Lu Lu
7 days 8 hours ago

You can use the contact box above your post or email

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