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Convert Points for Cash at the Social Superstore

by Laura | Bonuses, Deals, Earn money online, Money Saving, Special offer, Websites

Shop at Social Superstore through FPL and you’ll receive 750 bonus points which can be converted into cash!

Social Superstore is a brand new way to shop. Visit your favourite retailers through the site, make your purchases and collect your points.

The ‘social’ bit comes in when you add products to your profile and share your thoughts and recommendations with friends and followers. You’ll also collect points if someone buys a product through your profile!

Every point is worth a penny and you’ll receive points to the value of 5% of the purchase amount when you first join but this can increase up to 10% depending on how often you use the site.

Points can be turned into cash via your bank or PayPal account, or you can donate your earnings to your chosen charity.

Happy shopping!


FPL Laura x