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There are lots of ways to win money with Free Postcode Lottery. We offer a daily Main Draw, a Video Draw where all you have to do is watch the video of the day to reveal the winning postcode, a Survey Draw where you can win by answering simple survey questions, a Stackpot Draw and Bonus Draws which you can unlock by simply visiting the site each day. See if you can find our mini draw, but be quick it’s only active from 6pm until midnight!

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You might be wondering how we can give away money for free. It’s pretty simple really. The ads and offers on the site pay for the prizes, a bit like ads in a free newspaper. Entering Free Postcode Lottery is absolutely free and always will be. There are no hidden costs, and no nasty surprises, just the amazing opportunity to win if your postcode comes up. Our lottery is open to people from every corner of the UK, giving everyone the chance to win daily cash prizes.

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People just like you win every day – Postcodes are drawn at random by a computer and posted online. If you share a postcode with someone else who also enters, your chance of winning increases – just like names in a hat!

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The bloke behind it all
Chris Holbrook - Free Postcode Lottery Founder

Giving people a little bit of money makes them happy. FPL is ad-funded, like a free newspaper, but has already given away over £480,000! We share revenue with our members so they feel part of our growth. It’s a good feeling.

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