How do I take a holiday from FPL?


Can’t bear the idea of missing a win when you’re on holiday? Use “Holiday mode” to temporarily remove yourself from the daily draws.

It literally makes no statistical sense, but I was so taken aback by the number of requests I got for the feature I had to add it. Just go to and you will see a checkbox to turn it on there. Just don’t forget to turn it off when you come back from your hols. You can also change your postcode and/or email address here as well as turn reminders on or off. I also, get loads of emails asking me to change these, so now I shouldn’t… right? 😉

So why does it makes no sense? Well, your probability of winning (all else remaining equal) is the same on any day regardless of whether you have won before, or even one the day before. The draw has no memory, so even if you do miss a win on holiday, you are just as likely to win on any day when you are not on holiday. Unless, of course, you believe in magic, fate, karma, astrology, omnipotent and all-knowing creators, etc. In which case, you may take a different view.

Personally, I would just stick to the cold hard mathematical facts and just leave it on. Maybe you can claim for missed wins on your holiday insurance?! Always worth reading the small-print…

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  • mel

    But if someone who has the same postcode as you has entered, then your postvode could still have win even if you had put it on holiday mode?

    • Chris

      Ummm… Yes that’s correct. I never really thought of that. Well… I can’t think of a way around that one!

  • Lorraine

    I put mine into holiday mode in the hope of reducing the number of emails I’d have to go through when I got back. Except it didn’t stop the emails, and so because I still got the emails I forgot to switch holiday mode back off & was out of the draw for months. Ooops.

    • Chris

      Oh dear. I’ve recently changed it so reminders stop when on holiday mode.

    • SeaBass

      Ummmmmmmm. …. If you missed it for months, how long has this feature been around for? Chris makes it sound like he’s only just added it??? (May)

      • Chris

        Hi. I added it a couple of years ago but never really mentioned it. Not because it was a secret, but because I didn’t think many people would want to use it. I was clearly wrong!

  • Jane English

    I know it makes no statistical sense, but having checked almost every day for over three years, to think I might win when I’m not here would be gutting, so I for one will use holiday mode, when ever, if ever I go on holiday.

    • Chris

      Fair point! Maybe I’m being too much of a geek about it!

  • Karen Turner

    I may be sad but i always look at the list of previous postcodes i.e. following a weekend /Bank hol
    so switching off would be a complete waste
    i’m not gonna gain or loose either way
    But what if i forgot to turn it back on !!!!! I do rely on the reminder some days i could end up missing out it could happen to me being so dilegent in my work and all

  • Deep

    I think the other reason people do it is to try and go into holiday mode in their mind. The last thing you want to do when you finally get your holiday is worry about finding WiFi to check your FPL, instead of enjoying the place you visit. Removing yourself from the draw stops the obsession.
    It’s why some of my mates are going with the “disconnected” holiday where you are allowed no access to internet during your holiday, so you’re not staring at a screen all day!

    • Chris

      Yep… Fair point!

  • Karl Gookey

    That’s something that’s always spun me out a bit about lotteries. I’m just as likely to win tomorrow as I am to win every single day for the next year.

  • Stephen

    Perhaps it’s more about knowing you won, and didn’t ( couldn’t) claim, rather than altering winning probabilities!

    • Chris

      Interesting point… Perhaps the answer is to never go on holiday 😉