Frequently Asked Questions

What is Free Postcode Lottery?

It's a lottery but you don't have to buy tickets. You just enter your postcode and if it is drawn you win money. You can only collect by visiting the site, but don't worry, a daily email is sent to remind you. Rules of the Free Postcode Lottery.

If I win how do I claim?

A large 'Collect' button appears.

What if someone else enters the same postcode?

If two people enter the same postcode it is twice as likely to be drawn, but you may have to split the pot if you both remember to check the site and claim.

How is the postcode chosen?

It is selected randomly by the computer from the list of all postcodes entered.

When is the draw?

The Jackpot draw is at noon every day. The Stackpot draw varies.

Do I have to re-enter each draw?

No.  Once you have entered once, you will be entered every day in both the Jackpot and the Stackpot.  You will still need to check the site to see if you have won though.

How can it be free to enter?

The prize money is generated by ad revenue on the site, which is itself generated by the traffic caused by users checking the draw to see if they've won. It works like a free newspaper, or free-to-air TV channel like ITV.

How do I collect if I win.

If your postcode is drawn and you visit the site to collect, a big "Collect" button will appear. Press this and the payment will be sent via PayPal to the email you registered. If that email is not registered with PayPal you will be able to sign up for a PayPal account or you can provide an alternative email address. If you do not want to sign up to PayPal I can arrange an online bank transfer or a suitable alternative (eg. Amazon e-vouchers).

Can I register more than once?

No.  In order to keep the lottery fair I insist that you only register one email and postcode. Anyone found breaking this rule will be permanently disqualified from playing.  I am constantly monitoring entries and may disqualify suspicious entries without notifying you.

Can I register on someone else's behalf?

No, whilst that would be very kind of you to do so I cannot allow this as this leaves the site open to abuse and I cannot allow users to register other people's personal data onsite.  If you would like someone to enter please ask them to do so themselves. Again, anyone found breaking this rule will be permanently disqualified from playing.

How do I change my postcode or email address?

Click "Edit" on the top right when you are logged in. You can also turn your reminders ON or OFF or enable Holiday Mode (see point 6 below).

Why doesn't my area ever win?

The draw is random from all those that are entered. There is no geographical bias. It may seem like the draw favours some postcodes over others but it is just the luck of the draw.

Where are my reminders

If you are not receiving reminders please first check your Junk/Spam folder and take appropriate action to tell your mail app that they are not spam/junk. If they are not there please check whether they are turned on here: http://freepostcodelottery.com/edit (you have to be logged in.

What if I go on Holiday?

If you can't bear the idea of missing a win then you can temporarily remove yourself from the draws by enabling "Holiday mode". Go here: http://freepostcodelottery.com/edit

What is the Bonus all about?

See here for an explanation about your bonus.

Why has my bonus gone back to 0?

You most likely have mistyped your email when logging in and created a new account by mistake. If so please remove the incorrect entry here and then log in again (without the typo).

My password is not working.

There is no password. Only postcode and email address. If your password is not working on FPL Panel you can find assistance here: https://cint.zendesk.com/home

I think I may have registered more than once.

That's fine. Accidents happen. You can check which of your email addresses are entered by entering them here. To remove extra ones log in with them and go here

I'm not convinced that I'm registered. How do I check?

You can confirm if your email address is registered by following steps in the answer above. You can confirm if your postcode is registered by entering it here.

How do I get prizes on the Bonus Leaderboard?

They are awarded every once in a while to the top 10, 20, etc Keep your eye on the blog for announcements.

How do I know this isn't a scam?

There are hundreds of testimonials from winners in the Facebook comments sections and on our Facebook page. There are write-ups in many reputable websites and newspapers including MoneySavingExpert.com.

What's in it for us?

Any money that I make in excess of the money that I give away goes towards reimbursing me for the costs of hosting the site and the time I spend answering questions for people who can't be bothered to read the FAQs (Well done by the way!)

Who are you?

I am Chris Holbrook.

More questions?

If your question is not answered above you can contact me here.