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From does a slug have a head to speed whilst standing still!!.. Round of applause for the correct answer :) As always, keep it clean & respectful guys :)


  • AndyH Member
    A slug does have a head and if it's on the equator, it's travelling at 1040mph..... it will slow down as it slithers away either north or south :)
  • Round of applause young man! :) now pop next door (not literally to your neighbours house, but to the moan thread)! & complain :)
  • my very first post was to ask,seeing as was have a value for the speed of light -
    what is the speed of dark?
    Chris mentioned a song at that time that is my kind of chill, but no-one put a mathematical value to a strange question.
    just like -2 multiplied by -2 is just 4, not minus just 4
    That means -2 (minus 2) squared is (plus) 4
    so what is the square root of minus 4?
    Two identical numbers multiplied by each other

    If you've not removed the bulb, how can you be sure the light goes out when you close the fridge door?

    If one member of a synchronised swimming team has a spluttering fit with water up their nose, do the rest of the team have to copy that?

    what kind of fool would I look like if while typing somebody posted the same, even worse with answers?
  • Sorry for delay, I was in the fridge trying to work out the square root but I couldn't see my calculations because the light was off! Which then brings me onto the speed of darkness, when I got out of the fridge I was still in the kitchen, so I guess darkness doesn't move very fast! ;)
  • Question?.. Does a snake have a tail?...
  • & why does my dog stick his head out of the car window when I'm driving??..
  • Fridge light doesn't exist until its observed and once seen it exists everywhere at once. Ask @Schrodinger_1deadcat.
  • @Lolly_pop, cos its open?
  • @Schrodinger_1deadcat - fridge light?? Pls enlighten me :)
  • Its Schrodingers Cat Thought Experiment. Does a poisoned cat exist if you don't know if its already dead cos you haven't seen it so its an unknown. I think its what @Graham-S was alluding to with the light. Its a philosophical epiphenomenon.
  • Well Thank you stickgal, much appreciated, I've actually learned something new today :)
  • eomot Member
    Graham S: You can't be sure. One view is that it is neither on nor off until it is obseved. Of course if you keep a live animal in the fridge (perhaps an arctic fox, given the temperature, although to keep it live you will have to open the door quite often to avoid suffocating it so maybe it won't be very cold after all) the light will be either on or off if the animal is awake, because the anumal will observe it. And if you manage to be inside the fridge when you close the door you will be able to observe the state of teh light for yourself.
  • @eomot, interesting point :)
  • @eomot, to avoid upsetting the RSPCA, simply set a camera delay timer and turn off the flash, stick it in the fridge and shut the door before it takes a snap, simples!!
  • As my little brain sees it Schrodinger's cat in a box theory was intended to illustrate that, although superposition occurs at a subatomic level because a single particle can be in more than one location at a time, it is unlikely to apply to anything you are able to see with the naked eye. Schrodinger did say at some stage that he wished he had never met the cat - me too :) How did I get to be so boring?

    What I really want to know though is, Do pyromaniacs wear blazers?

    Also, is it true that cannibals don't eat clowns because they taste funny?
  • Ha! @Schrodinger_1deadcat!. Simply fabulous :) thank you for that
  • @Graham-S, excellent point you make there with regard to RSPCA :)
  • @Lolly_pop I second that!
  • Loved the pyro & cannibal jokes :) how funny!
  • Question?. Its now 23.59pm & will shortly change to am, what does the am & pm refer too?..
  • Comes from the Latin for ante meridiem (before midday) and post meridiem (after midday). Technically though 12:00pm is not after midday - it IS midday so should really to be written 12:00 noon. Likewise for 12:00am which should be written 12:00 midnight. Don't know whether it is true or not but I've heard that airlines, railways and insurance companies use 12.01pm for beginning the day and 11.59pm for ending the day.
  • Well Thank you so much, round of applause for Schrödinger_1deadcat :)
  • Thanks, Lolly_pop I have just taken a bow ha ha

    but is it ok to use an AM radio after noon?
    if you try to fail and succeed, which have you done?

  • In my case, when I tried that ploy to get out of washing up or ironing my school uniform as a child I was simply presented the task to re-do until it was done properly, so that became an epic fail.

    Does anyone still broadcast Analogue Modulation for the wireless in this digital era?
  • @Graham-S I employ 'clever idiot' tactics often and it works beautifully! Additionally I end requests for jobs I dislike with 'You're so much better than I at ***'. This tactic I call blowing hot air ...
  • @Stickgal, clever idiot tactic sounds like a marvellous concept, I have become quite professional at being a clever idiot :)
  • @Graham-S, I guess you must be pretty good at washing up and ironing by now. :smiley:

    I think it's inevitable we'll all switch to digital at some point but Norway, in 2017, will be the first country to completely shut down FM radio.
  • @Graham-S : Please tell me what "Analogue Modulation" means. Or is it the old-style radio, i.e. not digital?
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited July 2016
    Analogue means lots of variations like the difference between a whisper or a shout compared to digital that can only be on or off like a lightbulb, but using a long enough number and an often enough change can give you the sound from a CD for example
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