Have a moan thread :)

moan, moan, moan! Just thought I would share that with you all :) gosh I feel better already!! :)


  • Some nice ground rules could be an idea. Just to keep it sportsmanlike. Or sportswomanlike.
    I'm guessing we are all able to filter our tones and be respectful.
  • I agree & common courtesy for all & no personal attacks. Keep it clean & keep it fun :) Now get moaning guys :)
  • I want to moan about the British weather.Where is summer.Rain rain and more rain.
  • I actually googled 'im sick of it raining'. My rubbish weather app said only cloud this weekend.
    Hot, balmy July? More like April.
    British weather is pants!
    And I have slugs in my kitchen: What's that about?
  • And slugs: I know they have a purpose but they are garden snot.
  • Ha! How funny, I was just about to moan about slugs! :) I was watching two slugs in the garden as they were circling each other (yes, bored I know but it was raining)! All of a sudden something started protruding from the side of one slugs head towards the other!!. So I googled it & slugs have no shame as they were at it in my garden!!! #i hate slugs #slugs have no shame!
  • Does a slug really have a head!!!! @stickgal, useless Q&A needed a.s.a.p... :)
  • did you know slug pellets actually attract slugs? put them outside your garden!!
    anyway I wish to complain that not everyone reads the forum, and moans are still going to be site-wide. I don't think you've promoted this enough for it to be the place to moan, yet.
    yep, i'm having a moan about the moaning thread!!
    ( I'll make people aware, as and when, will you ?!?! ...)
  • I'm sure the term Head is to do with placement. Like beer has a head as does the pancreas. Does head denote a top, enlargement or direction? If so what about an earthworm? Where's its head?
  • Touché :)
  • I know slugs have eyes and I can't think of an organism which does not have it's eyes anywhere but in the head. Apart from a potato that is!
  • Theoretically it's the bit in charge, but what about going with your heart, or following a gut instinct? Or the animal impulse led by another body part?
    (remember, it's a family show...!!)
  • Double touché :)
  • AndyH Member
    @Lolly_pop & @Stickgal : Wikipedia seems to say yes, slugs do have a head....

    "Like other pulmonate land gastropods, the majority of land slugs have two pairs of 'feelers' or tentacles on their head. The upper pair is light sensing and has eyespots at the ends, while the lower pair provides the sense of smell. Both pairs are retractable."
  • Fab answer though stickgal :)
  • Well thank you AndyH :)
  • Stickgal, this is more useless Q&A than moan thread, great answers to my usual stupid questions but we wanted a moan thread!!! Now I'm moaning that our thread is steering off course :)
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited July 2016
    Oh, the irony. Start a thread with an offbeat comment, reply to a post and find it's morphed into another of your suggested threads leading to another moan about the have a moan thread.
    There's just no pleasing some people :/ ( :) )
  • Passed half a mile of cones closing a lane on the motorway, causing mighty tailback for well over twenty minutes, only to find no roadworks, no workmen, no accident, in fact nothing behind the cones
  • Super annoying
  • Thanks for support Lolly_pop. My moan actually continued beyond what is printed above and, instead of screeching to an abrupt halt, it continued in an interesting, amusing and altogether fascinating manner
  • But when I pressed Post Comment, it vanished SO that is something else I want to moan about
  • I want to moan about that on your behalf!! It's just not on!! What is this world coming too! :)
  • I want to moan about the weather. We ordered a new garden table about four weeks ago and haven't been able to use it yet. It's still covered over to protect it from the rain. My husband says I should complain to Tesco!
  • Yay - support for vanishing text.
  • #hating this weather! #hating vanishing text!! #hating irony #damn slugs! :)
  • @Froggylady, I agree with your husband... Complain to Tesco for buying a lovely garden table & chairs that you cannot use!. How dare they sell you a product that's not fit for purpose!. :)
  • Has nobody learned anything after millennia of settling or growing up on our inclement isle? Glastonbury mud fest and Wimbledon as well as cricket and other "summer sports" mean the few with tickets guarantee us poor souls hoping for sun that it will be wetter than the April showers to help our farmers.
    Some indigenous natives had rain-dances, we have barbecues !!
  • Just want to have a moan about somebody hitting my car in carpark :( damaging the drivers side door... Didn't leave a note, didn't hang around to let me know or to exchange details.. How considerate of them.. Thank you so much inconsiderate driver but that's really not very nice
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