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Our resident poet laureate Bossbitch keeps the whole FPL team entertained with her poetry, we'd love to read some more from our talented FPL-ers! Post your own poems right here, they can be in any format you like, just keep it clean please kids! ;)

Here is my favourite from the queen herself:

It used to be that folks like me
Would post for pleasure at our leisure
Now it seems that each day teems
With moans or gripes or snidey snipes
And those that don’t read FAQs
And those that think it’s all a ruse
The witty banter’s all but gone
Replaced by “how come I ain’t won?”
Seems a shame but then I guess
Such change comes with increased success
At least Disqus has gone for good
And Alan Porter’s postcode should
Come up to win one day real soon
Perhaps there also is a spoon?
And maybe in another time
I’ll find that unicorn of mine
Fret not if this has made no sense
it’s nought of any consequence
Just casual rhymes and idle jest
My wandering random thoughts expressed


  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited May 2016
    I'm a fan and for my part friend of BossBitch, and hope she can add something herself soon.
    As a child I knew someone who practised typing by copying poems from library books (yes I'm old enough to remember keyboards without screens!). To prevent any risk of copyright infringement I will add that they were never passed on, and I'll only provide a link here for the one poem I even vaguely recall. It's by Walter De La Mare, and actually called The listeners, although I always mis-remembered the title as The Traveller. One possible site to read it is.. https://allpoetry.com/The-Listeners
  • Hello to all that made it here
    This forum is exciting!
    I'm honoured FPL wants me
    To entertain you all in writing

    Sometimes I'll post random thoughts
    And I have a request
    Responding to another's post
    Tends to be what I like best

    So if you'd care to share your thoughts
    For you I might compile
    A rhyme that you can call your own
    In bossbitch rhyming style
  • ChrisChris Administrator, Moderator
    Yay! Thanks BB :smiley:
  • Looks like weve got our very own Victoria Wood here......
  • I died, perhaps you missed the news
    Or were the doctors wrong
    Am I alive and kicking still
    Or have I been dead all along?

    My funeral was very nice
    A fitting last goodbye
    Yet here I am on FPL
    Teacherspet, do tell me why?

    What is it that you recognise
    Have I become a ghost
    A spirit who communicates
    Am I another woman's host?

    Im not sure I can handle this
    I don't know if I should
    So if someone asks who I am
    Just tell them what Victoria Wood
  • Do you play the piano too, & is your best mate called Kimberly.......yeah!!
  • My piano lessons came to nought
    My violin lessons too
    My friends are all imaginary
    My best friend? Well, I think it's you

    In my imaginary world
    Things often tends to change
    My imaginary penguin
    Is the latest in the range

    So why not come and visit us
    You will be safe, most times
    The only thing you might regret
    Is getting stuck in bossbitch rhymes

    The rest is just adventuring
    Creative wanderings galore
    So send me your imaginings
    My strangeness world has space for more
  • Alan Porter, hi again
    I've not forgotten you
    I just thought I would wait a bit
    There were so many in the queue

    So many sent good wishes
    To support you and your mother
    And rhymes that I write just for you
    Take me more time than any other

    I would like to wish you both
    Some rainbows and some sunny skies
    Wild flowers waving in the breeze
    With honey bees and butterflies

    Some home-made lemonade and cakes
    Some tiny fluffy clouds above
    A warm and lazy afternoon
    And this rhyming daisy-chain of love

    These daisy-rhyming-chains I write
    Won't wilt or fade away
    If you keep them all together
    You'll have a growing rhyme bouquet!
  • Yeah, bit random - especially the deliberate lack of capitals....

    a winner me
    i hope to see
    i chase a win
    it's scotch
    it's irish
    it's welsh
    it's english
    it's elusive
    i chase
    i hunt
    and always
    it's elusive
    as guard i stand
    alert like any sentry
    and here i wait
    until you pick my entry

  • there's nothing wrong with randomly
    it never has prevented me
    from posting stuff for all to see
    but i've still not won this lottery
    so graham-s do not despair
    your postcode's still in there somewhere
    and someone will win every day
    not me or you though sad to say
    no point getting over-stressed
    since posting is what we do best
    (and one day anytime real soon
    i'll find my unicorn - and spoon...)
  • Really nice to see this corner influenced by our own bossbitch. She has entertained many of us for a while with her poetry in the "other" comments. Good to see a spot designated especially for the Queen herself and all other poets. I may at some time make an attempt myself. However poetry is not really my forte. I do like reading other's contributions though.

    I look forward to everyone's contributions be they of bossbitch standard or not.

  • Love reading bossbitch's poetry, along with Alan P's daily input it makes the FPL community worth the visit! Keep it up pleeeeaaaaaaaaaase :smiley:

    Bossbitch, whose verse is often tongue in cheek
    gives courage to those who may be shy to speak
    while some prefer to whine, finding cause to moan
    her smart retorts are quick to stop their groan,
    life's far too short to worry and be sad,
    a cash win of course would make us glad,
    but every day you wake with those you hold most dear
    should be enough to face the day with cheer!

    Good night all!
  • Ma_McKenzie, well hello!
    Go on, give rhyming a go
    Why not start with just two lines
    Gotta start somewhere, sometimes :-)

    Anabel, thanks for your note
    Glad you like the things I wrote
    I definitely share your view
    And yes, cash would be lovely too!

    What do you think of this idea?
    I could write the first line here
    Someone else can write the next
    (OK, it could get out of context)
    Just a bit of fun maybe?
    What do you think? Please tell me!
  • A rhyme in which we all can share?
    you know this could go anywhere!
  • ChrisChris Administrator, Moderator
    Very well said, please go ahead!
  • A message here from the site founder,
    Please chip in, don't let this flounder!
  • Are you OK, you've barely spoken?
    Could it be a keyboard broken?
    Do you need an inspiring line?
    A simple prompt, better than mine?
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited June 2016
    I've had a look at the dictionary.
    Random, means it might be me,
    I also checked for lottery,
    I guess I'll have to wait and see.
    (Missed the, "it", a simple typo,
    Difference? I really don't know.)
  • This has kicked off rather well
    Graham-S, you're quite prolific
    Random can mean many things
    Unplanned, haphazard, non-specific

    Founder Chris with moderation
    Contributes with motivation

    Wonder if the Alien Nomad
    Will wander here with his keypad?
    Or was I antagonistic
    Most uncharacteristic...
  • My dearest friend I am with you
    my love comes from my heart
    I know your in a lot of pain
    And I'm with you from the start
    so if you ever need a friend
    please knock on my door
    And I'll be with you always
    even more than ever before.
    lesley j ..
    grey hair and wrinkled faces
    when I look at you both
    your so full of grace
    as I look at your photo
    that's stood for all these years
    I see the beauty in your smiles
    And it brings my eyes to tears
    you have given me all your wisdom
    you have given me all your love
    And for this I'd like to thank you both
    To you direct above .
  • Raza Member
    Playing Piano

    I need another hobby, so I'm not doom and gloom
    I know, I'll learn piano, there's one in our front room
    the kids all learned it years ago, two fingers mostly though
    If they can do it, so can I, I'll learn it quick, I know

    The free lessons I can get are all on internet
    You tube is the place to go, there's free ones there I'll bet.
    Yes, this is it, the lessons here are plenty
    I'll start on lesson one and I'll soon be up to twenty.

    Forget those scales and chords and things
    they don't do all that now
    they start you with the fingering and then they teach you how
    to play a tune, yes, straight away, no boring doh, ray, me,
    its in to Lennons Imagine, a lovely song for me

    I practice hard, it's coming on, the tune is getting easy
    my fingering's a little slow but I don't need bright and breezy
    I ask the wife, how does it sound as to the tune I keep
    she says, Oh, yes, I know that one, Its Ba ba ba black sheep.

  • paganbigbear, and Raza too
    It's very nice to hear from you
    Keep on posting here, please do
  • Raza Member
    Thank you bossbitch for your greeting,
    I'm always glad to put my feet in.
    I'll swell the numbers when I can,
    and join with this new poetry clan
  • Thankyou bossbitch x
  • My best friend
    Good night pagan my k9 friend
    I'm very sad it came to the end
    you went to heaven on the 11th of June
    And in my heart it was far to soon

    your there with jesus in heaven above
    chaseing butterflies in his garden of love
    goodnight pagan my bestest ever friend
    until we meet again Amen xxxx
    lesley jealx
  • Smee Member
    I've lost it, I've lost it, yes its oh so true,
    I bought a brand new laptop, and now I'm in a stew.
    When I go in to FPL, they think that I'm a newbie,
    Wanting me to join again, won't listen to my plea.

    I've been here yonks I try to say,
    It's me old Raza the Write.
    Let me in, you know its me,
    the prattling poetry sprite.

    I've even had email from Chris, welcoming me again,
    and one from admin telling me, they'll get to me when they can.
    Will this do it, who can say, they work in wondrous ways,
    So I hope that I'm restored quite soon,I don't like long delays.
  • Just a short note this weekend
    Because, regrettably, I tend
    To work at weekends, sad to say.
    I'll catch you all Monday
  • Smee Member

    Cooking mishap

    I messed the meal up yesterday, it was down to me.
    I pride myself on cooking well, but I rally screwed our tea.
    The preparation went very well, chopped onions and all the seasoning
    into the chicken casserole with potato for a topping.

    With stock and water marinade, I placed it in the oven,
    on full heat to start it off, in the kitchen I'm no sloven.
    I thought I'd give it half an hour then turn the heat down low,
    I've done it many times before, with good results I know.

    But yesterday something went wrong, my expertise went awry
    I sat in front of the television, and slowly closed my eyes.
    I slept while the oven was heating, our food was on its own
    with no guiding hand to turn it down, in the deep end it was thrown.

    I awoke and leapt up, remembering
    the food I had deserted,
    snatched open the oven and saw the mess,
    that the ferocious flame had created.

    The blackened meal, the burned out dish,
    the heat had ruined all,
    We had a meal of beans on toast,
    which completed my downfall.
  • Smee Member
    Smee is really Raza who cannot log in to his account.
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