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VicVic Administrator, Moderator
What do you want to see on the forum? What is your favourite thread?
We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions on what you would like to see and how we can make this forum even better for our lovely FPL community.

Looking forward to hearing from you :)


  • Hi Vic, I think a thread dedicated to perhaps a positive/intriguing thought of the day?. Or Something motivational or maybe a Q&A thread?. Where one can ask a question for instance, based on how fast the earth moves, how fast am I going when I stand still??!.. :)
  • VicVic Administrator, Moderator
    Love this idea @Lolly_pop :)!
  • Hi, perhaps we could discuss books we have read or other hobbies. I like Lolly Pop's Q and A idea too.
  • 000 Member
    edited June 2016
    Is there any way of adding a personal history of draws checked?
    I mean like - "No. stackpots drawn this year - 250. No. Checked by you - 237" And ditto for all other draws?
  • Can we have a thread dedicated to moaning! :) I'm sure it would attract lots of attention & would be so funny to read! ;) moan, moan, moan! ;)
  • I'd vote for a moaning thread.
  • @Mothernature, would be such fun
  • im with lolly on all their options lol .... hobbies, day to day mundane things, tv, music and also feedback on the offers and trials etc ... great page btw love it !!
  • VicVic Administrator, Moderator
    Thank you for all the great feedback, keep it coming!
    @Samandi I have just started a new book club discussion, take a look :)
  • Oooooh, please. A moaning thread would be wonderful: Weather whinge & money moans! Such fun!
    Topical thread might stir things up a bit .....
  • Love the idea of a 'useless information' Q & A @Lolly_pop .
    Now, if there was a vote up button......
  • @Stickgal, such fun :)
  • So Vic, can @Lolly_pop and I start a moan thread. An Inspirational thread. A satirical three and a Q & A useless information thread.

  • @Stickgal, loving your enthusiasm :) @Vic, I'm in full agreement with stickgal

    Pretty pleeeeeaassse ;)
  • @stickgal, job done :) should be such fun ;)
  • K. (rubs hands with glee...)
  • AndyH Member
    Useless information Q1.....Is Stickgal's stick as big as Lolly_pop's stick? :)
  • Ah, with subtlety and humour they both speak softly, so assume they each carry a verrrrry big stick - I know your posts well enough to discount double entendres.
  • Honestly boys!! :)
  • AndyH Member
    I'm usually on the ball with double entendres but I can't really see one in what I said....I must be getting past it :(
  • Has fpl considered a phone app?
    Nice shortcut to the draws (& ad content) and a little bonus boost for installing.
    I'm not sure how it works but don't the platforms have open access policies?
    I'm on a pants WinPhone so I wouldn't expect an app but Android & iOS have most of the market.
    Also maybe a solus ad for the forum, I don't know if the Desktop forum has any ads as i use my phone for access.
  • AshleyAshley Administrator, Moderator
    We are considering it, but we want the site in tip-top shape before we start on any apps :)
  • There are two older apps, late 2015 by RRR (trebleR) that I looked at and loads an ad then a browser frame but with inbuilt links to older mothballed pages such as../news - and an early 2016 app by PaulAdams I have not checked in the google play store. I don't know about iOS as I don't use any Apple devices, but maybe if the developers were contacted these could be updated to current layout and draw selection
  • Kell Member
    Love this site
  • AshleyAshley Administrator, Moderator
    Hi Graham,

    We don't have anything to do with those apps and we'd suggest users stay away from them too, we can't be sure that they're not using your information and passing it on etc - a bad idea to use unofficial apps in general really.
  • Ma_McKenzie Member
    edited July 2016
    Agree with Ashley. FPL vet things before they recommend. I would suggest to players, as I do see several linking in the main site, perhaps go through Contact to check with FPL before making recommendations. Also if you see anything iffy being recommended contact FPL to let them know just as a precaution. Some people are very trusting and do not understand that they link to these "recommendations" at their own risk. FPL cannot be held responsible if things go wrong. So if in doubt, check it out with FPL :)
  • Apologies, I thought I'd made it clearer that these were independently developed unofficial apps and Ashley's earlier post clearly states there is no official FPL app.
  • How about a seasonal thread, like a Bake Off thread so that we can gossip about things like cakes, contestants and catastrophies? :D
  • When Chris next considers a new draw, could we have a £20 bonus draw, on the £5 and £10 bonus draw page, only open to those with £20 worth of bonus.
    As the site grows, the potential chance of winning in all the bonus draws diminish as each person crosses one of thresholds.

    Thanks in any case.
  • Lots of dns errors today. Only on the forum tho? Tried WiFi & data both unreachable.
    Unless its only mine?
    Big issue trying to post on this thread too...
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