i know this is a free lottery and it is pot luck if you win anything and good on you for those that do but what i have noticed is the BT postcode comes up a lot ( why ? ) are they sponsor's of this ? has anyone other than me noticed this, just thought i would ask thank you.


  • Nicky Member
    BT covers all of Northern Ireland, I think.
    So there will probably be more postcodes with that prefix anyway.
  • A little while back I seem to recall someone moaning that BT codes hardly ever come up.
    You can't win - there will always be the disbelievers. ;)
  • BT Is the second largest of all postcode areas by population after B (Birmingham and districts) but does have the greatest number of active postcodes.

    Population = 1,772,429 - Households = 687,553 - Postcodes = 51,734

    Data from -
  • I also agree with @Froggylady. One fb poster identified BT postcodes as being excluded and this was quite recent!
    @crowman Stick (ha, ha.. see what I did there) with it. If you come over to 'the dark side' eg the forum you soon lose focus on the actual postcodes.
    If we are honest most forumites only check the draws as a thing we do before flicking over to community forum.
    Stay here, it's much more entertaining, you'll see.........................

    Why am I hearing The Eagles playing?
  • @Stickgal Is it because you've got an Eagles' CD playing?
  • You can check out any time you like but Alien will follow you.
  • Flailing Tentacles!
  • Nicky Member
    @Stickgal - be very afraid.... :s :D
  • @Stickgal
    I find myself agreeing with you, Stick. I check the draws first (as one must) then can't wait to get onto the forum. Isn't it sad?
  • it took all my self control to not put
    , Batman

    at the end!! :D
  • hello everyone thank you for your comments i did not know BT was so big in the postcode's so i now hear everyone is moving to a place with a BT postcode to get a better chance of winning ( ha,ha, ) still the way i look at it is you have to be in it to win it, happy new year to all on hear and your loved ones. ( paul )
  • Don't be a stranger.
  • Stranger danger!
  • @crowman
    From main site:

    There's pretty much a BT postcode every day coming out, maybe 3 or 4, not many days there isn't one. Main draw at the minute and a couple in the stackpot, plus a missed one in the flash draws today.
    Hope this clarifies x
  • Methinks that was his point, although only a couple of days ago someone bemoaned they never see a BT postcode. Sometimes you just have to smile and step away.
  • I think it was a faceache reply to the very bemoaned comment you refer to.
    I was exhausted last night so I copied the wrong part of the discussion. My bad!
  • Never mind all this about BT postcodes, when's my BT phone number going to win?
  • Yesterday's winning postcode is a BT :D
    Mind, 6 potential winners, 5 claimed.
  • @Stickgal, your post last night was in reply to - Main draw FB comments

    Lou Whitten ·
    Senior Unit Catering Supervisor St Josephs PS at SEELB
    Not many northern Irish postcodes
    Like · Reply · 21 hrs - (2pm 12-1-16 (ish))

    But the one I saw was the typical "Never a..." with an "It's always..." separately on the same set of comments at almost the same time so both were visible without scrolling or "Load more..."

    Some people, eh ?!
  • To BT or not to BT.
    That is the question
  • Conspiracy theory alert...

    Openreach vans were swarming round this area last autumn, and after having half a day without internet but a working phone line (?!) my not with BT broadband speed halved, oh joy !!
  • When I moved home I was with tiscali so I just transferred over. I knew the prev. occupants of the house anyhow and with BT they were getting a good width/ speed (NO, Alien!) for a basic package.
    BT wanted to charge me nowt if I binned my provider off and used them, and to stay would charge £160!!
    I refused, split the cost with my provider and my broadband speed lost 3/4 of it's previous amount.
    Illuminati, or just filling vested interests bank balances? You decide!
  • I had a real bad time getting off Tiscali about 9 urats sgo. It took 6 months (literally) with BT and Tiscali both blaming the other.
    My conclusion? They were both scumbags.
  • Always a champion of the underdog ( tiscali 10 yrs ago, aldi when it wasn't posh) I chose them as I could negotiate with them and feel like I was helping a small guy out.
    Terrible call centres later, 5 Data breaches and trying to Bill me for something I had already paid for and I'm about done with tiscali's TalkTalk big breeches. To add insult to injury they pay my hard earned cash to Simon Scowl to sponsor his god awful self congratulating sob story shows.
    Problem is, I don't want sky (Murdosh), I don't want virgin (that ship sailed long ago :D ) BTFU and plus net are just bt's economy range pretending to be down wit da peeps ( brass band, working class, jumpers for goalposts etc)
    At this rate Ima gonna choose twixt semaphore or smoke signals!! :D
  • Two empty tins and a ball of string ?!

    From what I've heard of Plusnet, might be worth a try, but it's not from anyone I know with personal experience - however the reviews seem trustworthy.
    I'm out of contract in a couple of months and will look again then.
    TBH, I'm online and it does what I need (except for two notable problems) and my costs are low. With little need to contact customer services, cost came first until the speed drop which is out of my providers hands (for now anyway - if Openreach and BT actually divorce things may change)
  • Nicky Member
    @Stickgal & @Graham-S
    We were with Plusnet for a while...they were good and their customer service was really good.
    We left because we could get a cheaper deal elsewhere but would happily return if the price was right.
    Can't believe that divorce didn't go through... :o :/
  • Cheers @Nicky - I'll be checking them out after my current deal ends, but will be asking if they can confirm speeds. Don't need too much, but updates etc and sometimes ads on FPL take an age.
  • Do you remember that ad for Ug&Son, Mehnir Makers?
  • Having trouble with my tablet, might have missed that one
  • It's near Lithic.
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