How does it work?


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    Take a look here
    Hope this helps and good luck
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    Excellent and concise FAQs cover just about anything you might need to know, found at https://fpl.groovehq.com/help_center

    I assume because you have a user name here you have registered and confirmed your entry, and with the question are fairly new to the site so a little in brief info...

    Adverts pay for everything like a free newspaper. FPL only ever ask for an e-mail and postcode, nothing else. If you click on an ad, that is outside of FPL control.

    You need to check each draw on the various pages to see if your postcode is picked as a winner, you cannot claim from older draws even though there is a history list. That's for information only, and note that if you search past winners only registered entries go into the draw. If none of your neighbours play your postcode won't have been entered until you joined.

    Most of the draws change at midday every day, although the stackpot is twice a day at 9 (am+pm) and there is a mini draw at the bottom of any main site page between 6pm and midnight.

    You need to have registered (tick!!) before a draw is made and be logged in for a claim to be made if your postcode is drawn. There will be an obvious claim button we are reliably informed that you click on to get your prize, except the stackpot where the postcode shows green and you click on that. I'm sure if we ever see it it will be unmissable in the event of a win.

    You get up to 3p per day added to your bonus, 1p just for coming to any page after midnight, 1p for checking the survey draw and another for the video draw. you can also build your bonus by referring friends or taking up some of the offers - click on the pages, you'll see - and your bonus is added to anything you win.
    When your bonus is £5 or more you get added to an extra draw and again when it is £10 or over, again see the bonus page.

    That should be enough to get you started, have a look around and do read the FAQs I mentioned at the start. Something else I wrote may be of use too...

    If you still have questions or don't quite understand something post again in the forum or on the main site and there's usually somebody friendly who will try to help.

    You may have noticed we can have a bit of fun on here, but with luck this will be kept serious for other newcomers or any follow up questions - ( Please guys ) -
  • Additionally it's worth remembering the ethos of the site is one of honesty.
    The advertising spaces are 'leased' to other companies and so they are similar to ads generally used online.
    Remember these ads are usually genuine but occasionally the odd dishonest one will crop up. These are not connected to Free Postcode Lottery but it's worth remaining as vigilant as you would be anywhere else online. If your details, or payments are asked for (even just for postage) from any advert anywhere online be suspicious.

    Secondly, this is Free Postcode Lottery not The Postcode Lottery.
    The difference is FPL does not cost you anything!
    Good Luck!
  • A little in brief info :)
  • Mine works automatically unless it's cold.
  • " You may have noticed we can have a bit of fun on here, but with luck this will be kept serious for other newcomers or any follow up questions - ( Please guys ) - "
  • I reserve the right to reply "Read the ffaq!"
  • Ffaqs :) shut the front door :)
  • Sorry G, that was my last joke here :) sorry original poster, just playing around as usual :)
  • @Lolly_pop 'a little brief intro'... :D :D :D
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    I'm staying out of this one..... o:)
  • @Stickgal: I'm not sure I'd call Lolly_pop's briefs little, they look like about size 56 to me.
  • Ha! How funny! :)
  • Oh! If only you knew @Alien-Nomad.
    Pirates of the Caribbean know a certainty............ eh, @Lolly_pop, eh, eh? :wink:
  • More like the Pirates of Pen's Ass.
  • Stop this schoolboy humour now or we will tell your parents.
  • Typical schoolkid response. Isn't it about time your mum put you to bed? Don't forget to make sure she puts the rails up, you've fallen on your head too much already today.
  • That wasn't his head @Alien-Nomad although I can see why you would be mistaken....
  • I can usually tell the difference, but in his case I'll make an exception.
  • I had thought of using an EEG machine to find out which is which but I suspect it'd dead-line on both so we'd be none the wiser.
  • Do they make em in miniature?
  • Even smaller than that, Stickgal.
  • I look every day for the flash draw. I see the numbers go up even when i am checking my numbers.
    This morning I looked earlier than usual,11.00,and went through every page. All the ads were went through,and I go down to the bottom of each page in case it's hidden down there.
    When I looked today there was 1 flash draw won so I got excited and looked really carefully.
    Where on earth are they?
    I even looked on the far right at the accounts part....

  • @Zolabud - They turn up where the ads normally are at random times and random pages, even the read more for main page blogs, past winners etc. as well as the draw pages.
  • @Zolabud . Ever heard of the verruca knome?
    I think there's a 'Flash Fairy' (No, Alien! who only appears if you really believe.
    She's only appears if you sing 'I do believe in FLASH! (Arrrrrrggggh) faeries, I do believe in FLA.............'

    *other household cleaners are available
  • Does Flash Fairy flash longer than other leading brands?
  • Only if you don't click off the page @Alien-Nomad
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    :D :D
    Loving the Flash Fairy....
  • @Nicky I have an affinity with the Verruca Gnome myself, @Barrie??
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