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Now, I know, that you know, that I craft. I have just been looking through my gallery over on the docrafts forum and even I am amazed at how many things I have made over the years. I wondered if any crafters/ teachers might like a bit of inspiration so I am posting a link here for my gallery. If any of you lovely folks have a gallery why not post it here and share your ideas. I love learning new things and bet loads more people out there would too.


  • Welcome to Crafter's Anonymous: "My name is Cherie, and I'm a crafter."

    It must take guts to own up to being a crafter and I admire your bravery in coming out of the wardrobe with your felt, scissors and glue. Maybe it will encourage others to stand up and shout "I'm a Découpager and I'm proud of it!".

    I have to admit, I'm partial to a knitted toiled roll holder or two and you can't beat a bit of shabby chic, having dated one or two in the dim and distant past.
  • I had a quick look. Some great stuff you should be rightfully proud of.
  • I loved looking thro @Cherie ! You just play all day, dontcha?
    I must admit the view from your craft table is lovely!
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    Alien, you have just said exactly what I say if ever I give a talk somewhere. Crafterholic is the phrase I use.
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    Thanks Stickgal and Graham. I have taught crafts for years. I got to play all day..... best job ever
  • Excellent crafty Cherie berry, you are very talented at your craft :) xx
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    Thanks Lolly_pop. xxx
  • Have you thought of selling your craft work, crafty Cherie berry?. You could make bespoke pieces for people, the artisan thing is soooo in fashion at the moment, you could turn your hobby into a business venture. My gran passed away last year from dementia, she was Scottish and I have some black watch tartan of hers, I could send you a piece and you could make me something that would hold a great deal of sentiment as well as being hand made, not mass produced. Perhaps an embellished apron or picture frame with the black watch tartan border, the possibilities or endless :) xxx
  • Are endless not or endless :) x
  • I think that sounds lovely @Lolly_pop and I bet @Cherie could make something wonderful, just don't ask for tartan busters!! :D
  • What are tartan busters lovely Stick? :) ha! :) xx
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    It is a great idea. Unfortunately I wouldn't have a clue what to charge people as often a small piece of work can take many hours to make. I do look on etsy sometimes but don't believe many people would pay those prices.
  • For a bespoke, hand made piece, with sentimental value is priceless, you could charge whatever you like. Ranging in size, hours taken to hand make would be taken into consideration.

    Perhaps a bronze, silver, gold system to start with?.

    Bronze being something that takes a few hours to make, silver - 3/4 hours, gold - time frame of your choice.

    If you went to a spa and had a massage it would cost anything from £25 up to £100 or more, back massage, head massage, hot stone massage the list is endless and that's usual an hour or hour an a half!

    Crafty Cherie berry Artisan gifts and keep :)
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    I need to employ you as my agent Lolly_pop. xxx
  • I'm very much into DIY myself at the moment, but I hope to get back in to dating again very soon.
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    Love your felting.... :smiley:
    Love all of it!
    Your creativity is seriously impressive .....and you don't waste a minute, do you?!
    Or any resource!

    I feel happiest when I am creating, I know it. But lately I've been a bit idle, too ready to make excuses not to begin..... apart from cooking, that is! Once I do get started, it just fuels itself...,because it's fulfilling......simples....

    Thank you...your example has shamed me into activity.... :D

    Enjoy your trip to Wales :)
  • Hmmmm, cooking!!!
  • Tartan buster are, @Lolly_pop what cherie does best! Remember her last commission?
    Nipple whittler?
    Arty farty smarties smugglers?
    Carved coconuts?
    Tartan tats.... :D
  • Oh I see :)
  • Hmmmm, I never thought of myself as a 'nipple whittler'. I might put that on my CV :smiley:
  • @cherie: have you ever thought of painting your mum? You could call it Whittler's Mother.
  • Nicky Member
  • Or painting your dad? He looks like he could do with a coat of emulsion.
  • Really?????? My dad died when I was 12.
  • Sorry on aliens behalf crafty Cherie berry xx
  • No worries, folks. Alien wasn't to know. x
  • Poor Alien you made a gaff
    But only tried to make us laugh
    I'm not at all upset you know
    It happened many years ago
    I'm sure my dad would chuckle too
    So Alien here's a hug for you
  • No crafty Cherie berry, send him a virtual double slap :)
  • He can quintuple slap you back and still pick his noses with all those tentacles @Lolly_pop :smirk:
  • @Cherie The apologies are all mine.
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