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I decided to check the date when I first signed up to FPL. It seems a very long time ago. My account was registered on 2011-05-01. Does anyone know if that is the UK date method - ie 1st May 2011, or the American version - 5th January 2011?
I've had no luck with a prize yet, but I keep on checking! It brings a bit of excitement into my rather dull, elderly life!


  • It's year month day, so May 1st
    The site was only 1 month old then.
    It went live on April 1st 2011
  • Thanks Graham. I didn't realize that I am almost a founder member. I know that I got up to page 3 on the bonus leaderboard, at one point. Then they brought in all these ways of claiming extra bonuses. Now I'm on page 10! At least I can lay claim to having been a Page Three girl at one point in my career! :)
  • Lovely to see you on the forum @OldTimer :)
  • Coming up to my second year and just about on page 1
    Do remember seeing a "page 3" comment on the main site a while back
  • I was third in the leader board but I don't usually do any offers and I don't have friends to refer so I quickly slid down!! :D
  • @Graham_S So you're only 5 years old? That explains a lot.
  • Yep, and it's always playtime too !!
  • Barrie Member
    It sound's exciting here, how do I sign up?
  • Nicky Member
    I think you point your finger at the sky.....
  • ..but wait until it's a thundrin' and a lightnin'!

    Also, best to wear one of my patented tin foil hats so you don't get your hair wet.
  • Fingers are for pointing at the sky @Nicky :)
  • Alien-Nomad Member
    edited January 7
    What do you use to point at the ground then?
  • Keep it clean !! >:)
  • Nicky Member
    A mop?
  • Barrie Member
    Isn't that a weird way of serving herrings?
  • When was the last time you saw a herring buying anything?
  • Barrie Member
    I used to know a bloke called Steve Mullet he used to buy beer among other things.
  • Lolly_pop Member
    edited January 7
    I think I know Steves cod father :)
  • Barrie Member
    Did he live in Ealing?
  • Ha!. :)
  • Nicky Member
    Was he a Trout Mask Replica?
  • Nicky Member
    @Alien That was bl***y funny :D

    But we should remember that we are not party to the waking nightmares that Barrie endures when he has had many too many.....
  • @Nicky: I hope Barrie keeps his wanking nightmares to himself!
  • Nicky Member
    What's up, Doc?
    Bad hangover?
    I think I'll leave it to @Graham-S to deal with you.....
  • @Nicky - I know a lost cause when I see one
  • Nicky Member
    He seems to be a bit ott today....even for him.....hope he's ok...
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited January 8
    Be fair. There's often innuendo. Sometimes subtle, some outrageous.
    I often think the things he posts, but if I reach for the keyboard I give myself a little "no you don't" ( well, usually - anyway !!! )
  • Barrie Member
    Some people like innuendo but I imagine that a a pineapple would be painful.
  • @Graham-S: And then you went and did! So from this point on, it's all your fault! I'm off the hook!
  • Nicky Member
    @Graham I love @Alien's innuendo and his allusive comments....I just thought he was a bit more bald today.....and wondered if anything had upset him.
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