Help a Stick get a Trolley

As you may/not know I am in the market for a 'new' preloved car. The second hand car arena is a battlefield of choice and regrets and can never be resolved..... However, I am but a simple stick and want for only a reliable, reputable runner.
I have so very many choices: petrol or diesel; a teeny rollerskate or a Chelsea taxi lookalike? I am overwhelmed.
As this fabulous community has so many talents I wondered if Automobile Advice could be one of them?
Which cars/ brands do you swear by and which do you swear at? Even better, do you have a mechanics' view on things and know which newer combinations to swerve (pun intended)?
I may post on here cars I am considering and see if anyone has a view or experience of each but in the meantime, your input would help me make an impossible selection.

Lets see if FPL can get this gal rolling again .......
(I will consider putting FPL branding on it, I promise)


  • Why not another Golf? :)
    Diesel has recently become very much frowned upon; it causes far more air pollution than we thought. My trusty Golf is diesel, but I try to drive it more gently now and I don't drive in cities. I believe it would be more ecologically sound to keep it going.
  • I used to know people in the trade, but it's been a while.
    Not sure I'd get good advice or whatever they wanted rid of now.
  • I of course looked there first. But my old gal was exactly that. A little old lady with dodgy hips and a bit of forgetfulness. If I buy the same I will inevitably end up cash poor with maintenance and labour, it was getting that way anyway. :/ I would totally agree if the car was not gone (I cannot say it) and I would have thrown money after money to keep her healthy. Hold on to your Golf, they are amazing!
    The only issue with the Golf is the emissions thang. I would be looking to put some money to it and as such I could then get a newer model, but there was the scandal. I don't care what the ministers have said about not increasing the duty on these models, we all know they will. And @Nicky, you know how much they cost to tax when not government restricted.
    Additionally to see cars on the market with £30 a year tax does make me think twice......
    Thank you and please look after that Golf xx
  • Thank you @Graham-S , I used to at least know what i was looking at. Now there are super minis, hybrids, miniSUVs, all sorts!
    I really am unsure of citroens as i had a Xanthia which was a nightmare. Also they are French and as we are headed out of the EU the maintenance will skyrocket soon. I am suspicious of a '15 plate C1 (?) going for about 4.5K. If they loose their value that fast, how reliable are they? Sorry those who love their Citroen, tell me what I need to know.....

    Has anyone had a newer Peugeot 2008 Allure? I know it's french but they are supposed to be built around a 208 engine and they are all over the place for parts / generics.
  • I has cost me so little. When I replaced the battery, it still had the original in it!
    It only had one owner before me and had done c. 134,000 mlies. It has passed its MOT first time every time. I've had new brakes and tyres, but that's all. It's been written off because a 4x4 driver scraped it by reversing lightly along its side. It cost me £5 to get the paint marks off and a slight dent put right. I bought it back for its salvage value....about £215!
    I get it serviced regularly. I've had it 4+ years.
    I used to love Citroens; my Zantia estate lasted me 10 years and a friend is still running it! It used to rise above flood water; at its highest level (suspension) it had more ground clearance than a Land Rover.

    But £30 pa tax sounds like a dream!
  • @Stickgal
    Our posts crossed....
    So sorry about your Xantia.... :'(
  • i had an insulting cheque from the other guys' insurance. In the summary they had valued my car at £119 salvage. The stereo alone was worth more than that! The most I spent on her was a new Cam belt as I had her at 110k and there was no sicker to say when it had been changed. If you service them they just keep going. I considered buying back but I took the full impact and the crush bar had gone into the engine. It would cost so much the mechanics would be rubbing their hands in glee.
  • You couldn't buy it back :'(
    I was a way....certainly luckier than you were....
    I forgot the cam belt.... I did have that changed immediately after I got her.
    Surely that wasn't all you got for her?!!!
  • No, it was a 'try'. I just received a cheque and assumed it was from my insurance company. Three days later I received the letter which should have come with the cheque. It was a veiled attempt to get me to put the cheque in the bank, but it was from his insurance. If I had been able to drive I would have banked it but, without knowing, I would then have excluded my insurer, and therefore my legal cover. It was very, very underhand. The salvage amount was deducted from the original cheque, that's how I know how much they though its scrap value was.
    I phoned my insurer, and told them. I also told them the other company had grossly undervalued the car. Now they know how much I will not take for it. They have a starting point. :)
  • B****y hell....that is way beyond outrageous....
    Thank God you couldn't get to the bank!!

    I, for one, resent how much effort we are having to put into avoiding being cheated, had, scammed seems to be getting ridiculous.

    We can't be forever looking over our shoulders......
  • I know! They phoned me at 8:50 am the day following the accident and tried to arrange for a hire car. When I eventually figured out it wasn't my insurer they then told me I would loose my no claims and something about signing a credit agreement. They have only behaved this way as the other driver admitted responsibility to them. I can only imagine what it would do to someone in shock or badly injured. I do think however my insurance would be similar if the tables were turned. I guess it's just the way they work?
  • Get another golf Stick, they are fab and reliable :)
  • @Lolly_pop: they're not called golf sticks, they are called clubs or putters. Honestly, I sometimes wonder about the intelligence of people here. Especially mine.
  • How funny!. :)
  • Or sandwedges or woods or irons ...!
  • @Stickgal - You mentioned the Peugeot 2008 Allure. Well, I've had the automatic version for nearly three years and it's been great. No problems at all (cross fingers) apart from a nation-wide recall for something minor that was done for free. But do you really need a car that big? I have to carry the dog (a big Airedale), shopping , etc. But do you have to carry wheelchairs, etc.?
    Good luck with your search. <3
  • Sandwiches :)
  • @Froggylady exactly that or near as dam*it. A mobility scooter, sometimes two and three other adults. I have only seen online tho not in person. The only issue I have apart from being an eu car is the insurance is very high. Low tax, mid size engine, diesel but about the same insurance as I paid for the Golf! Having never owned a three/four year old car, only oldies I can only guess it's that. Are you able to source parts easily or just dealer? How has it compared to other cars you have owned.
    (Nobody expected the Spanish Inquisition)...
    Thank you Chick x
  • Hmmmmm.....hamwiches...
  • Have you thought of checking out the larger dealers to get an idea of what you might like, get an idea of insurance and running costs to help decide on a make, model, engine etc.
    Then use a reverse auction, there is at least one site for this, where you say what you want and dealers compete to give you the best offer.
    If that's of interest I'll do some digging and keep an eye out for ads.
  • Thank you @Graham-S I will look into it. I did think getting a car from a dealership such as Heavens Unsure may give me a better service as they seem to be lease hire or motorbility contracts. Therefore maintained. Reverse auctions may be an option, I did not know they applied to cars too!!
  • @admin do you need a mobile advertisement for FPL outside of London? I really would only expect preferential treatment in recompense :D
  • @Stickgal - I would stay away from diesels if I were you. They've had such a bad press recently and now the gov. are preparing to ban them from cities. Unless you do a lot of mileage per year, it's not worth it, especially as the price is more or less on par with petrol now.
    Before the 2008 Crossover I had a smaller Peugeot, the 206 Estate Quicksilver. The only reason I changed it was because I needed an automatic after I broke my shoulder. The trouble with automatics is that they drink petrol. And before that I drove a Vauxhall Astra.
    I have only used the dealer for annual check-ups because it's still under warranty being less than 3 years old. In the future, I don't know. Be aware though that Peugeot and Citroen are from the same stable.
    Have you looked into Suzukis? I've read some good reports on them. Also, around here we have a couple of huge car supermarkets where you can browse to your heart's content - and all cars come with a warranty and service plan. I think Graham's idea is a good one and you should investigate that.
  • I had a quick google for reverse auctions and only came up with one for new cars.
    I stopped pretending and left when it asked for personal details before giving me prices.
    To be fair, that was only a postcode it asked for to find local dealers, but no.
    It did give me another thought.
    Do your own, kind of.
    These "supermarkets for cars", find all dealers with an online profile.
    Decide on what kind of car, and allow plan B's
    Find their e-mail addresses, and send them all an "I want - quote me best price" message.
    Make sure each dealer is in the "to" box, so they all see they are competing.
    If it's a contact us form only, create a basic template that includes a send to list with any text editor and use that as the message you send if you can't email direct.
    You may even be able to go to the dealer with the car you'd prefer, and ask them to beat the cheapest quote.
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited December 2016
    to: carsRus: bargaincars: weDoCars; cars4u
    subject: quote request

    I'm looking for a silver grey DeLorean
    Low mileage and good reliability
    A waste to fusion engine
    Easy operation of the flux capacitor

    Please quote me your best price for a vehicle that fits my needs
    Dr Emmet Brown
  • @Graham-S
    That's a really good idea!

    Do you have anyone at all who might be able to check a car that has caught your eye?
  • @Nicky Getting a car caught in your eye sounds really serious. I suggest you get to A&E pronto. Or if he's not available, ask the Lone Ranger to take you.
  • Silver grey delorean! :) back to the future style vehicle :)
  • Now I think every driver should have a silly car but a Delorean is a wonderful idea! I may just 'copy/paste' your email in its entirety and bcc it @Graham-S. Good ideas tho, really!
    Thankyou @Froggylady I am also acutely aware that diesel is falling out of favour. I suspect RFL will get looked at in a near Budget statement and no more £30 tax for privately owned. I like them simply as they keep on keeping on... Maybe petrol is the best option? I didn't know Citroen & Peugeot were the same camp tho and that may inform my search, thank you!

    @Lolly_pop (and anyone else I can fit into a tricked out Delorean) - 'ROADTRIP'!
  • Sounds like fun :)
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