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Hi guys, do you have any suggestions for the Video Draw? Are you an up and coming artist who would like to be featured on our draw? Or do you know any artists who would benefit from some free promotion on our page?

If so, then comment below or send an email to with links to Youtube Videos and any of the artist's social media for a chance to be featured :smile:


  • I'd suggest Grace meant send an e-mail to or use the contact us page with the link she provided.
    There is also a link under the video draw box to suggest an artist / video.
  • Don't know if it helps, but Salvador Dali hasn't been getting a lot of airplay recently. I really liked his lobster song and thought it deserved to get higher in the chart than it did. It's certainly number one on my Surreal List.
  • I've got a Salvador Dali picture, had it for years and years and still cannot make out the picture behind the picture, I stare cross eyed yet still nothing!.
  • What's the name of the painting?
  • Newton in Dalivision 1976
  • Surreal!
  • And some more!. :)
  • I could only find Lincoln in dalivision. Very David hockney. I like both and most surrealist art so far. My fave painting is a tryptic by Bosch, the garden of earthly delights. I never want to go to hell if it's like his image. *scared*
  • My Dyslexic mind, always trying to hold me back but I refuse x
  • Did you know Einstein was dyslexic? He was also considered to have synaesthesia. I am proud to say I also have synaesthesia. Both Newton and Einstein were additionally thought to have Autism.
    I have always looked at it (structured, of course :D ) as a new way humans have evolved problem solving. In the real world it can be a hindrance but all allow us to see things in a non conventional way. Besides, if it was good enough for Albert, its good enough for me!!
  • @Stickgal - Always thought you were a genius! Have you invented anything recently? :)
  • How to waste time. Pontification. Putting it off. That enough @Froggylady ? Don't they say necessity is the mother of all inventions?
  • Sounds good to me! ;)
  • OK. Let's do it!
  • tomorrow :D
  • Tomorrow is another day (which never comes?) :D
  • Our second child is very dyslexic. I didn't want him 'altered' so I moved him to a very different school. He is deeply 'emotionally intelligent' and loved by everyone who meets him, old and young. He's 37 now, a lovely man, who knows how to keep his family happy.
    I feel that anyone who comes to this earth, with a way of approaching life that is not what mainstream society deems normal, will be shown to be vital for our collective future. We need these special human beings and we need what they bring and we need to find a way of allowing them to be who they are. We need to stop trying to bend them to our patterns.
    Oh dear...a rant.....sorry :o
  • I agree! And there's that same phrase again: Emotional Intelligence.
    Another close friend says her son gets to the destination but takes his own route there. I think EI is one of those unique qualities which you can never stop learning. I also guess some are born with this undervalued commodity. I would rather my loved ones were happy than 'successful'.
  • @Stickgal
    Isn't 'Happy' successful? :)
  • I am silenced. :)
  • @Stickgal
    Please never be silenced.
  • some may disagree................ :D
  • Let them eat (sour) grapes......if they do, indeed, exist :D
  • Such lovely comments, it takes me a while to read as I have to keep re-reading and double checking but I get there in the end :) xx
  • hope you day is comfortably uneventful @Lolly_pop x
  • Thank you Stick, hope you have a lovey day too :) xx
  • I've invented an AI program where everyone who enters a Freepostcodelottery is a sim but they don't know it. They all think I'm a fake alien but only I know the truth.
  • I believe you , you are different ;)
  • Don't understand. I look exactly the same as me. I've just checked in the mirror and I can honestly say it looks exactly like me. Can't see the back though, so maybe I'm only exactly the same on the front?
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
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    It may be a little controversial, but Saturn 5 by Inspiral carpets.
    Please, I should say.

    I'll add a footnote that Clint Boon used to live near family.
    He noticed the curtains of an elderly neighbour remained closed for a few days and went out of his way to ask around. All was well, said neighbour was with a coach full of ladies off dancing at Blackpool Tower, but the fact Clint Boon didn't only notice but took the time to check struck me.
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