For the first time ever, today I received a spam email supposedly from freepostcodelottery. The spam email had an advert for Lego on the first page. When I went into my inbox and opened an old email to check...there was no advert for Lego there. Not sure what that means but potentially a hack?


  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited December 2016
    FPL reminders do carry ads and offers, and in over a year and a half I've only had a handful of spam - none of which had anything to do with FPL who do protect your details, keep them private and never pass on or sell any e-mail.
  • Lego and spam? What is this, some sort of description of paradise?
  • Sadly you cannot fry an e-mail, or cook a Lego brick.
    I'm sure you've had a go, but it doesn't do the trick.
  • Alien-Nomad Member
    edited December 2016
    I did but it was overcooked and tasted of burnt plastic.
  • Wow, I got spam.
    It's such a rare event I thought I'd post. :D
  • Can you put a stamp on it next time, the postie asked me for a fiver.
  • Barrie Member
    You still have to pay for Spam in Sainsbury's & you got yours for nothing so please stop moaning.
  • Yes, but it was Lidl's and I prefer Saintsburys'.
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