Christmas is coming...!

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Christmas is just around the corner and in the office there's lot of talk about Christmas shopping! It's some people's favourite thing about Christmas, and for others it's the thing they dread the most..! What are your thoughts on Christmas shopping and have you started yet?! Comment below and let us know :smile:


  • I have started yes.... I bought my daughter a eye shadow pallet :) I do all my shopping online and get it all delivered to my office :wink: That way someone is always here to sign for it. I don't like wasting my weekends with physically going out shopping. Internet shopping all the wayyy lol x
  • I have been shopping for weeks now. I love the whole shebang.. Bring it on.......
  • Hate it, but done 90% of it online now. One shop to visit, then done. (wahahahhhhhaaa)
    It always takes me longer as being from up'north I will not pay full price for owt.
    Don't forget the cashback sites everyone!
  • Christmas cums but once a year...who'd want to be Christmas?
  • Sounds like me also Alien-
    Once a year if we are lucky.
    Can't stand Christmas and should be banned like Trump :s
  • I hope Poundshops aren't going to be filled with Trumps this Christmas.
  • got a couple of things........ i love christmas but like the hustle and bustle and last minute shop... especially if it's snowing :)
  • @vivianallman : Glad to see you've got a couple of things. Have you got anything for Christmas as well?
  • I'd like to see your couple of things, do they jingle when you jump up and down ?
  • Mine used to, but they seem to have lost their jingle despite the occasional jangle.
  • Could it be rust... Tis a damp old time of year. Perhaps they just need a good polish
  • I get sick of turkey for Christmas so this year I'm going for something a bit smaller. I'm currently fattening up a budgie. It should be lovely and plump by Christmas. The other advantage is it's saving me a lot of money at an expensive time of the year- budgies go cheap.
  • Just saw the ad about Santa forgetting all the kids' names. I had a chin wobble :/
  • @Stickgal : Been putting on weight?
  • @Alien-Nomad : Rude :D

    I am feeling smug, I have finished my Christmas shop. One other thing I am watching to see if it reduces in price - if it doesn't I will wait as it's not urgent.
    I even have a gift for Twigs which isn't tech but is something she will love. No mean feat.
    I may pop out n get some wrapping today, then can start my most hated job.
    I know I will have an argument with the cellophane which I always loose!
    I have to earth myself from the static: My hair looks amazing after tho !!!! :#
  • Every year I wish I had a sticky tape dispenser.... I will let you know how it goes..... :)
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    Stick with it, Santa might give you one. Depends whether you've been naughty or nice.
  • I hate christmas, the Grinch is my hero. The constant TVads on repeat do my nut in. Not long got back from Asda was a nightmare. Had my music on headphones to help drown the cheesy crappy music. Roll on Jan 2nd.
    Bah Humbug
  • You could use your stones when they're out @Magnu. A bit of glitter, a ribbon: make for unusual, unique baubles!!
  • Depends on the size of the stones. My husband had over 100, pretty-coloured, like mis-shapen dried peas. I think I've still got them in a phial. I once threatened to make a necklace out of them. :)
  • I'm keeping my stones firmly where they belong- in my under pants. However, I'm open to the necklace suggestion, so long as you don't drill a hole in them to thread through.
  • I want them gilded and made into a pretty necklace. Might get decent price on Etsy,ive heard these hipster types are into weird stuff and they're upcycled environmentally friendly.
  • @Alien-Nomad .. how is your budgie fattening going. Is it magpie size yet.
    Not sure about the stones in your underpants .. a little too much information me thinks!!
  • They're in good condition, they've only had two previous owners.
  • @Alien They could have been on Strictly if only you'd used silk thread.
  • I wear large underpants for my ball room dancing.
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    My favourite style is Swing, especially the Ballboa.
  • Christmas is a magical time of year
  • Abracadabra! :p
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