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You might notice something a little different about us today.

We’re always trying to make improvements here at FPL and we’ve decided that it was time for a bit of an upgrade… It will now be even easier to navigate through the site, see which pages add to your bonus as well as see your bonus wherever you go thanks to the new ‘sticky’ header.

We hope you’ll agree that it’s a big improvement.

We’d love to hear your feedback so please use this thread to let us know what you think!


  • .....the previous co :| mment was supposed to be a 'thumbs up'.....
  • WillWill Administrator, Moderator
    I love it but then again I am biased. Proud of team FPL and glad the design/tech hard work has paid off.
  • I am glad to report it works beautifully on my infamous Windows Phone. :D
  • I like the new check list heading you have
  • Hi I like the new design but can you put the new emoji draw on there too please, it's a lot easier than finding the site on my favourites list.
  • edited October 2016
    I clicked onto 'Community' to find out what people were saying, and the fancy new header disappeared. It seems this part of the site still has the old style one. I'm using a PC and browser (firefox), and it looks good to me, though I haven't tried it on a mobile screen yet. The 'tick/progression' header is helpful. To be honest, I think the site is so popular (something for nothing, if you've got access to the internet anyway) that you could do almost anything you choose! My thanks to those who put in the hard work :)
  • I like it :smile:
  • Much better
  • So much smoother and easier to navigate nice work
  • It would be better if once you accessed one of the draws the tick appeared in the box for that draw at the top. At the moment, when you've been to all of them, the last one you visited doesn't show you've been there unless you go back to one of the ones you've already accessed. Apart from that, all good stuff.
  • This new site is amazing! well done, your hard work has paid off. Thankyou :smile:
  • This new look is marvelous, well done Chris and Ashley.
  • I think what @SusanG means is can you get the draw links to update on click?
    you solved the same with the days on the Quidco page so you didn't need to refresh.
    There's been a few requests for an emoji draw ling, top white nav bar a possible?

    Looks great, easy to follow and a thumbs up from me.
  • Looks good. Easier to navigate around. Thanks for all the hard work!
  • Couldn't find stackpot easily on mobile device had to search it.looking good though.
  • I like the new site... I just miss the Emoji draw selector and I prefer to be able to see all of the StackPots for one day in a list so that I can see which postal codes have been lucky.
    A loyal FPL player from the start.... Keep up the great work everyone!
    Mint MatchMakers and out! The Tango Doll
  • Its fine but the video draw takes too long to load and is rather onerous- if i really want to watch it (if it seems appealing) i will, but you should show the postcode sooner so we don't feel obliged to wait for something we are not interested in-its a bit too much like forced advertising and somewhat annoying? i like choice-not forced choice!!!
  • Looks brilliant on a kindle. Well done!
  • Spotted the change when I came in earlier, love it, my kindle can be a pain in the never regions, and faffs me about, so great being able to see if I've been there, checked that :smiley:
  • The new bar doesn't scroll very smoothly on my iPad mini. I would like some way to easily check the emoji lottery too
  • Can't find the draw that runs 6pm - midnight. Has it gone ?
  • Marvelous, just what the doctor ordered. Well done and a big thank you Chis and his team!
  • Yes, I love it, looks great, but agree with STEVORICO that I would like to see the Freemoji on there too, thanks for a great site, keep up the great work! :)
  • I love it and easier to navigate.
  • Love the new layout, using laptop (win 10 & Opera). Tried on Android phone and it's looking good there too but might suggest a link to mini-draw at the bottom of page if possible - oh, and perhaps my postcode too!! Seriously though, doing a great job, Thanks :)
  • Love the new look Chris and team and good look with the nomination for Website of the Year, you deserve to win!!!
  • I like the new look but on my computer which has a low resolution, I can only see the first 4 tabs. It makes no difference because I follow the buttons anyhow and I normally use my mobile. One annoying thing is that I click on the quidco draw every single day and every week it misses one draw even though I've clicked on it every day. Not to worry though, everything looks great :)
  • I like it always happy to visit the site daily even if LU postcodes aren't even close to coming up haha see plenty of L postcodes thinking they were close to me to find out they're Liverpool postcodes!? I think the FPL should be more random, I know there's literallt millions of post codes signed up BUT ive noticed for the past year MOST days (say 4 out of 7) the FPL generates similar postcodes and then the next day it will show post codes that are close by in geographical terms.
  • I'm also called Chris btw... My mrs thinks that "all" Chris' are clowns/morons/prats lol way to stick up for the side Chris proving her wrong :D
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