Whatcha Eating....

Today, it is mostly Quavers. And Snickers (2). Bad Stickgal :(
Or what is your favorite food and why? Does it hold memories for you or Horrors if you were made to eat it?


  • My favourite meal is peas, potato and sausages for one reason, when I was a child my Dad was working long hard hours, every weekday he left for work at around 6am and often didn't get home until after 8pm, he worked a saturday morning but was always home for lunch, it seemed a tradition in our family to have peas, potato and sausage for saturday lunch and now every time I have the meal it reminds me of my Dad coming home, having the meal and then devoting the rest of the weekend to me and my sister, it may sound strange but that meal meant the start of a fun filled weekend, very happy memories, my Dad died 2 1/2 years ago so as silly as it sounds the meal means even more to me now
  • @PeterDavies1, your message brought a tear or two, thank you for sharing that with us,

    The meal that holds memories for me, is a full on Scottish fry up, tottie scones, black pudding, square sausage, fried egg and beans!.

    My Grandma used to make for us (Glaswegian), sadly she passed away before Xmas last year after a long battle with dementia :( x
  • @Lolly_pop, Firstly, and I really do mean this, I'm sorry you lost your Grandma, people say you have to expect elderly people to pass away and yes I suppose they are right but I'm sure you'll agree that it takes time to come to terms with the massive loss, thankfully I haven't had to cope with someone suffering with dementia but I imagine it must be more of a suffering for the close relatives.
    On a lighter note, your description of the Scottish fry up has made me so hungry, I'm going to Oban for a week early next year and I'm looking forward to the Scottish breakfasts even more so now, just hope they serve mushrooms aswell MMmmmm :)
  • Thank you :( & I hope you have a great time in Oban, be sure to ask for tottie scones (& mushrooms) x
  • Aww, Lovely stories @PeterDavies1 and @Lolly_pop . Made me think of my dad too & remembered we always went for Sunday Lunch. After a few years my daughter said 'Nan & Grandad as very poor, Mummy'. I asked why she thought that and she replied 'we only ever eat the same roast leg of lamb'!
    ...& would you believe as I am typing this my Dads' song came on the radio, including the Saxophone solo I heard at weekends as a kid which like you, @PeterDavies1 meant he was at home and it was playtime.
    Its little things like the smell of something, or the way the light sits, or a song which keep these memories alive. Long live em!

    Today, I have been a busy, bad Stick: 2 pkts of Skips @ Snickers again. I would KILL for fried Mushrooms but am too tired. You can both keep the oatcakes tho; bleurgh! I live in Staffordshire so Scots oatcakes are despised as you can't roll cheese @ bacon in em,
  • I really miss her :( x
  • I find missing someone make me feel 'real' @Lolly_pop . Like they aren't just a memory but a real entity, and I can sometimes smell them I miss them so bad. But odd, I find it comforting as I know the place they hold is still there, like 'reserved'?!
    I guess that's what I do, have some sacrosanct place in my head that can only be unlocked when the conditions are there. Feels nice to miss my Dad, but I wish I didn't have to. xx
  • @Lolly_pop, Please don't take it the wrong way but I'm sending you a virtual hug (( :) )) from everyone on this forum, be grateful you have wonderful memories of your Grandma, she was obviously a very special lady :)
  • Ditto <3 <3
  • Thank you both xx
  • Much love xx
  • Now come on give us a smile @Lolly_pop , petty pleeeaaassseee :)
  • This has gone off track, but in a nice way. I remember my gran in her later years, after the first of many stokes. She forgot that she'd smoked all her life and reacted with disgust when offered a cigarette for one. She also told people straight after years of holding her tongue, the usual being stop making a fuss, although less polite, if she was asked if she was alright.
    The years passed with some recovery and some setbacks, and the family held a glorious garden party for her 80th birthday on a lovely, and rare, sunny bank holiday.
    When she passed a few days later I felt a mix of sadness, and yet relief that she would endure no more strokes or setbacks, knowing that those later years were bizarrely the most peaceful as she had forgotten all her troubles.
    Anyway, for now I'm consuming apples, but in their fermented liquid form to be followed when I get on to cooking it by a simple curry.
  • It has been a nice turn for the thread @Graham-S . Memories which are very personal shared with a theme of fave foods. Remembering the missed.

    An embarrassed Stick must admit to one more sneaky Snickers and a little pack of skips. I may turn into a Tree.
  • err, and Discos. I am becoming a child. That'll teach me to skip all my meals today. I meant a Canadian Redwood Tree, obviously!
  • Cheers to both you @Graham-S and your Gran :)
  • Thank you @Graham-S & I agree with you with regard to finally at peace, thank you @Stickgal for starting such a thoughtful thread even though is has slightly taken a new direction, @PeterDavies1 :)
  • @stickgal, You should work for the police, the special branch :)
    @Lolly_pop, guilty as charged, my apologies :(
  • My late father (who would have been 101 this year! He died at 79) was never allowed in the kitchen and, indeed, never wanted to be there. But he had one speciality that he loved making for the family. This was called Latkas, a type of fried, grated potato and onion fritter, well known in Jewish circles. I can never read of these great tasty potato cakes without thinking of my dear Dad. RIP.

  • Aww that's lovely, but sad too. Can you make them?
  • @Froggylady - are they like hash browns, or even better still?
    They, and your Dad, sound lovely.
  • Fish finger butties any second now. I'm keeping this short because so what to the cholesterol I can hear the fryer and know they're nearly ready, and with a few onion rings thrown in too!!
  • @Graham-S - Fish finger butties for breakfast? That's a new one on me. I don't know what hash browns taste like - but latkas are to die for!
  • Ooohhhh fish finger sarnies with lettuce & ketchup!. Love :)
  • Just had a bacon & sausage sarnies with ketchup, hmmmmm :)
  • Now that's a thought...
  • So bad but so good at the same time!. :)
  • The oxymoron of foodstuffs!
    As @Graham-S mentioned fried fish finger sandwiches (brave choice my man) I wonder if anyone has guilty pleasures for food. Something that is an oddity created in the comfort of your own home which you would never confess to a real 'Foodie'?
    Mine is pickled corn relish on dry Weetabix. Bet that made everyone's mouth water....
  • Lolly_pop Member
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    @Stickgal, I have to admit my first reaction was... Really, Ohhh no!. But after further consideration, the phrase "don't knock it till you try it" comes to mind :) mine is coleslaw on toast with salt & pepper :) mmmmmmmm :)
  • When I was young, many aeons ago, for Saturday lunch I always made myself toast with a slice of cheese, covered with scrambled egg and topped with jam.
    Delicious! As @Lolly_pop said, don't knock it until you've tried it.
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