Coventry Club, jolly japes await....

Entertain yourselves, and the rest of the forum members here, as @Bossman sugests....

From all our new fans at Coventry University.
It is our fundamental right to comment as is yours but please guys, no veiled threats from so called poets. Very unbecoming.
Certainly livened up this very dull post, just what we wanted.
You are typical of the bourgeois proletariat society that we are forced to live in and for your information all of us in this group pay our own fees having up to 6 part-time jobs.
Life is for living and expressing views good or bad.
We voted for BREXIT, did you, or are you the types for staying in a repressive society governed by people in other countries ??
We look forward to taking up our well paid roles in society, as is our well deserved right.
Meanwhile lets live and be happy and get this site action packed.
At the moment its like the Parrot in "Monty Python" totally dead.


  • One last thing, do remember this is a public forum and a family show. Be as humerous as you like but do keep it clean, friendly and fun.
  • @Graham-S - You don't want the Coventry brigade on your back! Humerus = bone in upper arm. Humorous = sense of humour. You seem to have taken a bit of both. Sorry to be pedantic. The grocers' apostrophe also gets me going. :)
  • @Froggylady - you've lost me a little here I'm afraid.
    The first line of the title post and the first reply are mine and do not contain an apostrophe or an erroneous mention of an arm bone.
    There is a typo on sugests (should be suggests, I know!!), oops!!
    Is this a mistake I've made somewhere in another thread?
    ( I ignored the mistaken spelling correction here. )
  • @Graham-S - I was referring to your second post on August 16:- "Be as humerous as you like ..."
    I know what you meant, it was just the spelling! No suggestion of upper arm bones, just a sense of humour.
    Maybe my reference to grocers' apostrophes should have been on the Moan thread - it's when they write Apple's and Pear's for sale (apostrophe unnecessary). Also when people write your when they mean you're and its when they mean it's. I can't help picking up on things like that - even in the press - it's what I was trained to do. Sorry again for being a pedant. :)

  • No need to apologise, @Froggylady. We're all taught those kind of things at school and it's fairly basic stuff! Should be second nature to people whose first language is English!
  • @dave2319 - Thank you for those kind words. I think it's probably an age thing. The younger generation don't seem to be taught grammar anymore let alone spelling! :o
  • Froggylady, What are you on ???
    Whatever it is, we all want some so send details of your supplier.
    If you are not on medication or drugs, then you have our deep sympathy. LMAO
    From all the gang at Coventry Uni. XXXXXXXX
  • Hey dave2319
    Man ma first language aint dis english.
    Trust me, wot I iz doin ma best so don you diss me.
    Respect man, dat iz wot I iz sayin, you get me ?? SAFE.
  • @Wiseone / @Bossman
    (KS2 ICT: use '@' to reply directly).
    Maybe look behind the meaning of the post on APAT. Question everything. Accept nothing.
    Oxygen is useful for thought.
    Maybe ask your learn'd Prof to explain it to you. He has deity status to the unlearned, after all.
    Or does he actually?
    Question everything. Accept nothing.
    But whatever you do, don't ever, ever come to your own conclusions...not unless Profess says yes!
  • Tangent: Anyone remember Rik (with the silent P) played so brilliantly by the late Rik Mayall?
  • I'm still trying to figure using motorbike oil to fry an egg, thanks to Vivian the punk.
    I'm old, quietly pickled and may have got that wrong.
    Stickgal, I have tips if you get worked up.
    The favourite is to just step back, breath, and think - "ahh, bless ! "
    Other options are available, but this is a public forum.
    Right now, I choose option 7, fill a glass !!
  • Graham-SGraham-S Member
    edited August 2016
    I've never been in the SU, and thought to make use of this, but it may be of interest to you...
  • I've avoided the spat as best I can but the post tickled my devilish side.
    An entitled rant about conspiracy theories followed by an expression of unfettered admiration to an authority figure:
    Kinda like giving a seminar on diversity ending with 'my dad is bigger than yours'
    Oxymoron in more than one sense.

    'A prince should have no other aim or thought but war & its organisation & discipline'
    - who said that I wonder?
    Looks like Cov are producing minor Monarchies.

    Te he

    There are those seeds revolution again.
  • * of
  • The silence is deafening, and I expected the smell of the crowd and the roar of the greasepaint as the cast stepped too close to the footlights.
    Actually that's not true, I knew students to be well versed in wit and underground music, as well as freebies and bargains and microwave meals.
    Banter, Irony pure wit, and if a club does pound a pint or free entry when you turn up with an inflatable banana or a Pikachu costume.
    If you weren't reading this or on a dating or social app, where is the best website for a student?
    What got you here, and where are the best deals, or nights out?
  • Man you lot sure are good, with just a hint of crazy maybe ??
    The best deals are everywhere Graham, they float in the wind waiting for you to reach out and pluck them.
    Just look around you and they will arrive, and as for nights out ??
    A good night out at the moment is our local park, the summer breeze wafting up your boxers, a glass of ale in our hand, and a nice large girls T++ in the other, gaze up at the stars and let nature take its course.
    Talking of courses, dammed things are starting any day now, must get sober or our Prof will be the one who is pissed off with it all.
    To end, an ode....
    There was a young man from Nantucket, who hit his knob on a bucket.
    Wait for it..... he had to cry out Fu-- it. Boom, Boom. Well we can't all be poets can we ??
    Love you and hope its still hanging man.
  • No typo with the grin and beer it.
    Hope you don't get back to the digs and find you left the milk out all summer - know someone that did !!
    Good luck with the studies, and I'm back to my glass.
  • U 2 Glen !!!!
  • Maybe the Coventry crowd would be better off staying where it was sent...
  • Ahh, but was there malicious intent,
    or maybe just a simple accident,
    a post in jest that was mistaken,
    not decent manners all forsaken.

    A helpful chat, and some motivation,
    a new thread for their contention,
    a little help, and some suggestion,
    and do engage in conversation.

    an aside..
    I've just seen a fight nearly break out in my local,
    Almost unheard of, and people ringing mates to help.
    In the end, all it took was a conversation.
    Apologies were made, problem solved.

    Unless somebody intends offence or harm
    then talking and explaining won't work.
    If not then be inclusive, and say when it's a problem.

    All the bullets fired,
    All the shells were shot,
    The fools in charge signed ceasefire
    Or surrender or a treaty.
    And all combatants, we remember
    When all it took was to talk
    Or kebab just nice and meaty

    PS, seriously,do not forget to buy a poppy.
    But for them you would not have what you have.

    We have not yet implanted devices to monitor your every thought.
    At least two other sites may have done, beware

    By the way, did you know that particular battery operated device was cheaper on another site?

  • Well said and point taken
    You are right, I was mistaken
  • Hi Guys,
    What a beautiful day for taking all your clothes off and saying
    " Isn't nature wonderful ?"
    You know we often say that in the showers, all boys together as we size up the opposition.
    Think i am falling in love again for the new term, passed a gorgeous chick today and she smiled at me.
    You know what they say,"A smile is worth a thousand words"
    Just hope i see her again soon as my heart was going fifty to the dozen and my tongue seemed to have gotten tied up in knots.
    Will keep you posted, could be one hell of a term.
    How does that song go....
    Love is in the air, and the rising of the sun, amongst other things LOL.
  • Hey bossbitch,
    Love the name, sends tingles down my boxers, are you really a bossy bitch cus we would love to meet up if you are.
    Yes very funny being sent to Coventry comment, but be assured we all came of our own accord and were not sent.
    Its great here, no pollution, country air, the odd wild boar or old bear on campus, but then we all have to put up with OAP's who hyave reached the age of 40 or more.
    Oh to be young now that September is here.
    Love and kisses on the bottom, get it, bottom line....
    Love u all XXXX
  • Glen,
    Thanks mate, same to you, loving this weather.
    Safe Man !!!
  • (repated poetry and coventry)

    This here OAP says one day it is you,
    Toddler, with nappy full of poo.
    You'll wake one day to see,

    Your classmates been and gone,
    And life it has moved on,
    But still you wait and see.

    With debts and fun and little woes,
    Play out be daft and still he owes,
    And yet one day that may be he.

    A worker and a father,
    Entrepreneur if you rather,
    A success for all to see

    When you have that for yourself
    Not a notch upon the shelf
    Others wishing if that was me.

    A childhood now forsaken,
    Adulthood the path that's taken,
    And then a man you'll be.
  • @wiseone minus wisdom because you are never born with it. Only the OAPS have this ultimate privilege.
  • StickgalStickgal Member
    edited September 2016
    @Anthea (welcome, and nice poetry!)
    'My bum has been a bum for a very long time but I don't have to listen to anything it says'

    (TPratchett; The Fifth Elephant)

    Meaning not all over 25's have wisdom and just talk poop. :D

    Love the poem 'bout Cov tho @Graham-S
  • @stickgal Loving the TPratchett quote :D
    @Graham-S Wonderful poem!
    @Wiseone Chris can tell you the answer to your bossbitch question - usually better to get a second opinion on these things.

    Who was it said "Youth is wasted on the young"?
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