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Hello Mum! Watch my interview on Wake Up London

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me & FPL, let alone waking up at 4.45am to be interviewed on London Live’s breakfast programme this morning.

London Live is a local TV station in London, owned by the same people who own the Evening Standard..

EDIT: I’m in the Evening Standard this evening apparently. Article is on their website already here.

It was a bumbling start but I eventually found my feet. Key message is that free-to-air TV channels and free newspapers (like the Evening Standard) are not “too good to be true” and neither is a free lottery! :-)


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FPL Facebook page fans have won all sorts of prizes including FPL T-Shirts, Million Dollar Chocolate Bars, and a massive jar of retro sweets. We’ve had a selfie competition, a money... Read more »

FPL is a front for MI5. Apparently!


Recent coverage in the press has been fantastic, but there’s always a few trolls out there trying to spoil things for everyone else.

You may have noticed that an article about FPL was published on LoveMoney.com (Thanks LoveMoney.com). That article was syndicated (re-published) by Yahoo (thanks Yahoo!). ... Read more »

Listen to my interview on BBC Radio 5 Live

Chris on BBC 5 Live

I was told on Wednesday afternoon to be on standby for a call from BBC Radio 5 Live’s Adam Parsons at 8.45 the next morning. This is what happened.

A grilling ensued but I think I handled it well! Hopefully this will be the first of many appearances over the airwaves. Enjoy!

Listen here »

FPL is in Today's The Sun & Forbes Magazine Website!


News of the £50 per day rise, 5% postcodes entered, and £25,000 prize total are starting to earn column inches for FPL. Two big articles in less that 24 hours!

A few weeks ago I met up with a Jasper Hamill, a Forbes Magazine journalist over a few beers in London. We had a great chat about... Read more »