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Nearly 11% UK Postcodes Entered. £200 Referral Competition Starts Now.


The last prize increase was done early because I couldn’t wait to hit the £100 per day mark. That worked so well that we’ve now caught up and are edging towards 11%. What next?

Well..The prize fund will definitely be increasing but, since £110 is such an awkward number, I’m not sure how. As always, I’m open to suggestions in the comments section below.

We’re not quite there yet so let’s have another referral competition in the meantime. This time I’m giving... Read more »

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Become a domestic ninja and save loads of time & money

Home sweet home

I’ve been admiring this site for a while.. A kind of money-saving, home-tips, life-hacking assortment put together in a really nice way. Check it out! features lots of interesting and useful articles on how to simplify your life, from practical cleaning tips and home hacks to money-saving tips and tasty recipes. Their team of researchers and writers are experts at making your life easier!

For example, did you know one £1 pot of Bicarbonate of Soda can clean your... Read more »

Student? Stop wasting money!

Student Money Saver

When I was a student a website was something you used to learn Klingon. Fortunately, things have improved and “cyber-space” holds a wealth of resources to make your limited funds go further. Qapla’!

Student Money Saver is the UK’s leading money site for students, offering and aggregating the best student deals, discounts, freebies, competitions, giveaways, advice, articles and lifestyle content.

Like FPL, SMS was founded in 2011 and has since grown from a handful of University students sharing tips... Read more »

FPL is 4 Year Old. The Jackpot is now £100 per day and Survey Draw is £50!

Happy Birthday

In 2011 I released my experiment into the wild with every expectation that it would wither and die, but 4 years on I’m astonished at how big FPL has become, how much press coverage it has achieved, and how much of a community has grown around it since we celebrated our last birthday. To mark the occasion I’m raising the main draw prize fund to £100 early, and putting the Survey Draw up to £50!

That’s an extra £40 given away every day, which totals £170 now (£100 Main Draw +... Read more »

Teach the kids about finances with a goHenry card + £5 free

Keep an eye on your kids’ spending from your laptop or mobile with a goHenry prepaid payment card. Get a 1 month free trial and a free £5 credit when you use this referral link!

Why not just give them cash? Well, the great thing about goHenry is that it gives you some control over how their money is spent. You can set rules for how much, how often and where money is spent. And there’s no overdraft so getting into debt is not possible. You can also temporarily add more funds if they are... Read more »