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Another £100 Referral Competition + £200 Bonus!


Lots of good news! The Jackpot is going up to £80 per day, there’s £100 to win in our Referral Competition AND I’m increasing the available referral bonus from £10 to £200!

A year ago the daily “Jackpot” was £20. 2014 was such a good year for FPL that it rapidly climbed to £70 per day. We’re currently on the brink of hitting the 8% of UK Postcodes Entered figure, so once again, the prize money will be going up. As always, to help us get there I’m introducing another referral competition with another £100 to share between the winning referrer and referral. But this time I’m also increasing the amount of referral bonus available.

Starting now, you will get up to 20p per referral (previously 10p) for up to 1000 referrals (previously 100). This means that you can earn up to £200 (previously £10) by referrals alone. For clarification of exactly how this works please read up on the Your Bonus page. You can keep a track of how many referrals and how much referral bonus you (and others) have earned on the Referrals page. Please note, referral bonuses will only update once someone has visited the site, so the leaderboard will be jumping around for a while.

How do you make a referral?

You can make a referral by sharing your personal Referral Link via email, social media, or even scribbling on toilet walls (please don’t do this). As always, you can grab your referral link and read more about how referrals work on our Referrals page.

How the £100 Referral Competition will work

When a new entry is made the database records what the percentage was at the time of entry. Once we hit 8% I’ll look for the first entry with 8% as that figure. If it’s not a referral entry I will keep looking until I find the first one that is and I’ll send £50 to both the entrant and the referrer via PayPal (the usual way). Make sense? If not, I’ll answer questions in the comments section below.

What you need to do

Pick up your Personal Referral URL from this page. Obviously, the more places you find to post it the more likely it will be that the first referral entry past the 8% mark will be one of yours. Be clever about where you choose to post it. If you’re a respected member of a forum then perhaps you can get away with posting your referral link there.

Good luck everyone! :-)

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Are you missing your £10 prizes on the Stackpot?


Unbelievably, I am still getting messages from veteran FPLers asking why I never told them about the Stackpot where I give away extra prizes every day!

I created the Stackpot because so many people told me that they wanted more chances to win smaller prizes. So, I added a new page and a new tab to... Read more »

Listen to my Interview on BBC Radio Essex

Last Saturday I was interviewed by Peter Holmes on BBC Radio Essex after he spotted an article on FPL in the Daily Mail.

If you follow the FPL Facebook Page you may have heard this already. If not, have a listen below. He asks some pretty good questions which should clarify a lot of things if... Read more »

Referral Competition Winners Announced

The winner’s of the 7% referral competition are Carl Mildner and Sheelagh Donnelly. Well done guys!

From the FPL Facebook Page:

Chris says both myself & Sheelagh Donnelly are getting £50 because we pushed the referral competition over the 7%…. SUPER…. Sheelagh and I have known each other... Read more »

Sur-Prize Pot is now £70 per day! Another £100 up for grabs.

lucky number 7

To celebrate FPL’s recent Website of the Year Award I have raised the prize pot to £70 per day early.

You may also notice that the prize pot for today is £280 and not £240. I’ve added on the extra tenner for the rollovers leading up to today too :-)

The current % of UK Postcodes... Read more »