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Sur-Prize Pot is now £70 per day! Another £100 up for grabs.

lucky number 7

To celebrate FPL’s recent Website of the Year Award I have raised the prize pot to £70 per day early.

You may also notice that the prize pot for today is £280 and not £240. I’ve added on the extra tenner for the rollovers leading up to today too :-)

The current % of UK Postcodes figure is 6.94% (at the time of writing). Despite the daily pot rising early we’re going to have the same referral competition that we’ve had the last few times the prize pot has gone up. So, the first referral that takes us over 7% wins £50 for the referrer and £50 for the referred.

How will this work?

When a new entry is made the database records what the percentage was at the time of entry. Once we hit 7% I’ll look for the first entry with 7% as that figure. If it’s not a referral entry I will keep looking until I find the first one that is and I’ll send £50 to both the entrant and the referrer via PayPal (the usual way). Make sense? If not, I’ll answer questions in the comments section below.

What you need to do

Pick up your Personal Referral URL from this page. Obviously, the more places you find to post it the more likely it will be that the first referral entry past the 7% mark will be one of yours. Be clever about where you choose to post it. “Prince” posted about FPL on HUKD and have a look how many referrals he has made since.

Good luck everyone! :-)

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We did it.. FPL is an Award Winning Website!

Best Communities Website Award 2014

I couldn’t have imagined a better year for FPL even when we were only half way through it, but things are just getting better with this fantastic award!

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Teach the kids about finances with a goHenry card + £10 free

Keep an eye on your kids’ spending from your laptop or mobile with a goHenry prepaid payment card. Get a 1 month free trial and a free £10 credit when you use this referral link!

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Announcing the rise to £60 per day & Introducing the new "Stackpot" daily £10 draw!


In the last post I asked whether you preferred a rise to £60 per day or an additional daily prize. This was a little sneaky as, all along, I was planning to do both!

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6% is approaching. £100 Referral Prize up for grabs. £60 per day?

Question marks

I really wasn’t expecting the publicity that erupted when I announced the jump to £50 per day when we hit 5% of UK postcodes. Weeks later we are approaching 6% and it’s time to give away another £100 to the referral that gets us past the mark and to raise the prize money. But how?

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