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Announcing the rise to £60 per day & Introducing the new "Stackpot" daily £10 draw!


In the last post I asked whether you preferred a rise to £60 per day or an additional daily prize. This was a little sneaky as, all along, I was planning to do both!

We’ve hit the 6% of UK Postcodes entered figure. Please note: This means that 6% of all of the UK’s postcodes have been entered into the draw. All entered postcodes are entered 100% of the time. So, don’t get the wrong end of the stick and quit :-)

So first thing’s first, the daily prize pot is now £60. The referral competition winners have been notified. Sorry if that was not you. However, so many of you told me that you wanted more chances to win so I’ve gone and created a new daily draw. The Stackpot is a new daily £10 draw which happens at 9am. The difference with the main draw (or “Jackpot” as I have chosen to now call it) is that missed claims stack rather than roll over. Today there are three £10 prizes in the stack. If none of today’s winner claim there will be four £10 prizes tomorrow. Make sense?

Like the £10 Mini Draw it is first come first served for those who share a postcode. So, if are one of many entrants from your postcode, the closer to 9am you check the better. Of course, you are as many times as likely to get your postcode into the stack as there are people who share it (worst sentence ever? You get the gist hopefully). Also, you don’t get your bonus added. I just didn’t have time to do the necessary coding for that! Maybe in future…

I’ve not had much time to test it so please be patient and do report anything weird. Thanks! And good luck!

Chris :-)

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6% is approaching. £100 Referral Prize up for grabs. £60 per day?

Question marks

I really wasn’t expecting the publicity that erupted when I announced the jump to £50 per day when we hit 5% of UK postcodes. Weeks later we are approaching 6% and it’s time to give away another £100 to the referral that gets us past the mark and to raise the prize money. But how?

£100... Read more »

Earn cash online with Pinecone Research

Pocket money

Pinecone Research is a great way of making money in your spare time from home according to FPL fans.

EDIT. Sorry, no more spaces for over 25s currently.
Still plenty of spaces available in the 18-24 year old category – Sign up here.

A while ago I asked FPL fans what paid surveys they use to... Read more »

FPL is nominated for Website of the Year! Please vote now.

Website of the year logo

Voting automatically enters you into a free prize draw to win prizes like a Macbook Air.

I was surprised because FPL doesn’t fit into any of the usual categories but they slotted it into the “Communities” group. I suppose we’re a community. Right? Anyway, let’s prove it by voting FPL... Read more »

Final words from disgruntled FPL leavers

I quit!

Recently I posted a selection of (sometimes bizarre) messages I have received from users when they quit the site to the FPL Facebook Page. It got such a good response I thought I’d post them here, plus a few new ones.

“only read now that 5.78% of UK postcodes are entered… I was led to believe... Read more »