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£50 Daily Pot is Imminent. FPL is Snowballing!


FPL’s mission is to grow, make more money and give it to you. We’re growing… And we’ve got £100 to give away when we hit the 5% mark!

When FPL launched in April 2011 the daily prize pot was only £10. After the first year, the concept was proven and it was making some profit. So I doubled the prize pot to £20 per day on the 1st anniversary (1st April 2012). For 20 months not much else happened… the traffic and revenue grew slowly, but not by much.

But then 2014 came along and, all of a sudden, other websites and magazines started taking notice, and more and more of you told your friends about the site on Facebook, Twitter, and things I don’t understand, like Instagram. On February 14th (Valentine’s Day) this year the percentage of UK postcodes entered hit 3%, so to celebrate I raised the prize pot to £30. But then the momentum continued and MoneySavingExpert got involved. Less than a month later the percentage of UK postcodes entered passed 4% and the prize post was raised to £40 per day.

Today, I can announce that the daily prize pot will go up to £50 as soon as the percentage of UK postcodes entered hits 5% (it’s currently at 4.94%). Like last time, there will be a £50 prize for the first referral past the post, as well as £50 for the referrer.

How the £100 will be won

When a new entry is made the database records what the percentage was at the time of entry. Once we hit 5% I’ll look for the first entry with 5% as that figure. If it’s not a referral entry I will keep looking until I find the first one that is and I’ll send £50 to both the entrant and the referrer via PayPal (the usual way). Make sense? If not, I’ll answer questions in the comments section below.

What you need to do

Pick up your Personal Referral URL from this page. Obviously, the more places you find to post it the more likely it will be that the first referral entry past the 5% mark will be one of yours. If you post it somewhere that frowns upon Referral URL’s (Forums, other people’s Facebook Pages, etc.) just post a normal link to FPL and let me know where you’ve posted it so I can track your referrals by the URL the referral has come from.

In case you missed it, here are the winners from last time. Thanks for helping FPL grow and good luck!


£320 highest ever win buys bicycles for Africa


Michael Groll won the highest ever £320 pot on the 8th of July. He’s improving his home & donating the rest to the Re-cycle charity.

Whenever someone win’s on FPL I ask for some comments so that I can show other users that the money is actually being won (I’m still getting regular scam... Read more »

FPL Selfie Competition Winners


Thanks to all who posted their selfies, not-selfies, and near-selfies to our Facebook page. It’s time to announce the winners!

When I announced the competition I had originally set May 31st as the deadline, however, partly due to being very busy, and partly because so many of the entries were not... Read more »

Chris goes to Glastonbury. FPL falls apart :-(


Apologies to those of you who received excess draw reminders, or none at all yesterday.

For the first time since the launch of FPL in 2011 I decided to go away without my laptop. That turned out to be a bad idea! As I was manoeuvring our 3 metre wide motorhome through the mud and back into... Read more »

Get Your FreeStuff On!


There’s a wealth of freebies, samples, bargains and prizes on the web if you know where to look. Here’s FPL’s favourite Freebie sites.


LatestFreeStuff.co.uk lists over 600+ genuine freebies from the biggest brands in the UK. Their active Facebook and Twitter community is constantly growing and... Read more »