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Get Tuppence a Day on Your Bonus!

mary poppins

You can now get an extra 1p added to your bonus every day when you visit the Survey Draw.

As promised, I’m adding some goodies with each new % achieved, and since we’ve just hit 13% I’m adding another 1p per day to your bonus. However, you need to visit the Survey Draw to get it. Why? Well, I was going to raise the daily bonus to 2p anyway but the Survey Draw still only gets about 50% of you visiting per day despite the prize pot often being higher than the Main Draw!

Congratulations to Lynette and... Read more »

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Share £200 in our Referral Competition

200 pounds

We’re nearly at the 13% of UK postcodes entered figure, so as is tradition, here’s another referral competition!

Like last time, you’ll get £100 if you introduce the person who registers and takes us over the mark, and that person will also get £100. Quite a surprise for just signing up to a website!

How do you make a referral?

You can make a referral by sharing your personal Referral Link via email, social media, or even scribbling on toilet walls (please don’t do this). One die-hard FPLer... Read more »

Imagine FPL had a baby with WhatsApp... Announcing Tengi!

UPDATE: Tengi have now given away over £13k to 1,755 people, including two £1,000 winners. Read about the first one here »


Tengi is instant messaging with a twist: chatting gets you tickets for a weekly free prize draw, with a top prize of £1,000 in cash and hundreds of smaller cash prizes. They’re giving us FPLers a 1 month head-start!

That means that, apart from a handful of other users from beta testers and local press, you guys will be the first to use the app for a whole... Read more »

Teach the kids about finances with a goHenry card + £5 free

Keep an eye on your kids’ spending from your laptop or mobile with a goHenry prepaid payment card. Get a 1 month free trial and a free £5 credit when you use this referral link!

Why not just give them cash? Well, the great thing about goHenry is that it gives you some control over how their money is spent. You can set rules for how much, how often and where money is spent. And there’s no overdraft so getting into debt is not possible. You can also temporarily add more funds if they are... Read more »

Become a domestic ninja and save loads of time & money

Home sweet home

I’ve been admiring this site for a while.. A kind of money-saving, home-tips, life-hacking assortment put together in a really nice way. Check it out! features lots of interesting and useful articles on how to simplify your life, from practical cleaning tips and home hacks to money-saving tips and tasty recipes. Their team of researchers and writers are experts at making your life easier!

For example, did you know one £1 pot of Bicarbonate of Soda can clean your... Read more »