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Islington Gazette, 17th Apr:

Postcode Lottery Boss Marks Year of Giving Money Away

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Nottingham Post, 16th Jun:

Student’s Web Idea to Give Cash Away

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Solihull Observer, 20th Apr:

Beating the Recession by Giving Money Away

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Win up to £1million with your location


Being the antithesis to paid lotteries I wouldn’t normally mention this on FPL, but GeoLotto is a really innovative way to win some pretty big cash prizes.

If, like me, you don’t play the National Lottery then look away now. But if you do like to spend a few pounds each week dreaming of becoming an overnight millionaire then why not try GeoLotto? It’s similar to FPL in that you choose a location and that becomes your entry, but instead of a postcode you choose a “Geo”. A Geo is one of 59,251,500 unique geographical squares on the UK map. So, you can buy a Geo for where you live, or where you were born, where you went to school, where you lost your… well, you get the idea!

It costs £1 to enter a Geo into the weekly draw, but if you want to stop other people from entering your Geo you need to sign up for a subscription. The weekly prizes are as follows:

Prize Number of winners
£1,000,000 1
£100,000 15
£10,000 100
£1,000 2,000
£25 75,000
£5 1,502,191
£5 2,020,199

Anybody had any experience with GeoLotto before? Any winners out there? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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Happy Birthday to FPL!


3 years ago on Tuesday I sent a message to all my Facebook friends saying that I was going to give away £10 at midday. Understandably, they thought it was a hoax.

In hindsight, April 1st wasn’t the smartest date to choose to launch a new site, but eventually the message got through and after a few weeks of... Read more »

Where have all the rollovers gone?


Despite the prize money doubling the pot has only exceeded £100 a couple of times so far this year. Why?

Back in sleepy 2013 the number of new registrations grew at a slow but steady pace. The “recruitment” rate marginally exceeded the rate at which users lost interest. Roughly two thirds of entries had become... Read more »

Free Tenners... From 6pm Every Night!


From 6pm this evening the Mini Draw prize will increase from £5 to £10. Plus, I’ll also add your bonus on top!

As mentioned in my previous post, most of you don’t/didn’t know about the Mini Draw which opens at 6pm and closes at midnight every evening. Perhaps you did but it wasn’t worth your effort... Read more »

FPL Budget 2014


With un-precedented inflation in revenue this year we’ve been able to double our investment in the daily prize spending. However, as our interest rate continues to rise I can today make a further announcement…

Many of you will not have realised it, but if you scroll right to the bottom of the page you will see a... Read more »