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Final words from disgruntled FPL leavers

To whom it may concern. I quit!

Recently I posted a selection of (sometimes bizarre) messages I have received from users when they quit the site to the FPL Facebook Page. It got such a good response I thought I’d post them here, plus a few new ones.

“only read now that 5.78% of UK postcodes are entered… I was led to believe that I was being entered into every single prize draw!”

“you can’t make £50 per day from ads, so technically it’s a scam. Yes some people do not clain their rewards or probably the post codes are fabricated by you. I readed a lot in interent and there is no one who win from this site..only here (off course) Good luck”

“Quotes from separate “winners” at the same postcode – obviously fake”

“Have never won a a crumb. Why aren’t winning emails given to the winners, seems awfully suspicious.”

“Don’t see why I have to give bank details”

since ive joined this site ive been receiving strange calls and when typing the number in google it comes up with the postcode lottery every time and i dont no why ???

(Might there be another similarly named website doing this? Perhaps one that is notorious for aggressive telephone marketing?)

“My dad thinks theres something behind it+you dnt give money away for nothing.”

Yuo took from my acant 30£ a muns and i get nfing

“Feels like different winning postcodes come up for different members”

“Received a call from this site after it states no contact”

(A call on your email address or postcode?)

“Amateur looking website”

(Reassuringly amateur)




Introducing FPL's little sister..

Birthday Bingo

Not had much luck with your postcode yet? Have a go with your birthday on BirthdayBingo.co.uk!

Some of the FPL veterans will be rolling their eyes and muttering “tell me something new”, but since there are so many newbies about I’d like to introduce BirthdayBingo.co.uk. It’s a... Read more »

Listen to the Infamous Prawn-Cocktail-Gate Interview with Penny Smith

Just as I was settling into my morning I had a call from the BBC asking if I could appear on BBC Radio London 49.4. Less than an hour later I was on air with Penny Smith!

Penny is currently standing in (well, she was sitting) for Vanessa Feltz. I’m a big fan of BBC Radio... Read more »

Hello Mum! Watch my interview on Wake Up London

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me & FPL, let alone waking up at 4.45am to be interviewed on London Live’s breakfast programme this morning.

London Live is a local TV station in London, owned by the same people who own the Evening Standard..

EDIT: I’m in the Evening Standard this... Read more »

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Free Postcode Lottery Facebook page logo

Find out about more FPL news, enter extra FPL competitions and interact with other FPL fans on our FPL Facebook page (facebook.com/freepostcodelottery).

FPL Facebook page fans have won all sorts of prizes including FPL T-Shirts, Million Dollar Chocolate Bars, and a massive jar of retro sweets. We’ve had... Read more »