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A New Free Daily Cash Prize Game from GeoLotto

Pirate Plunder. Dig for free & win cash prizes

GeoLotto are now offering a completely free treasure hunt game including a daily cash prize draw and instant win cash prizes.

I originally wrote about GeoLotto because I was impressed with the innovative game format that they have produced and its obvious similarities with FPL. However, until now it has always been a paid product which somewhat goes against the grain on FPL. Apparently, this hasn’t put you off as they have since given away over £37,000 to over 1,000 of you! Pirate Plunder is a free version of their paid Treasure Hunt games.

Pirate Plunder (Free)

Every day there is a game that runs from 10am to 10am the next day. For each game you get 50 free “digs” to use on the UK map. Digs uncover instant cash prizes from 1p to £1. At the end of each game each dig is entered into a raffle to win the daily Jackpot. Then Jackpot size depends on the number of total digs in the game but is currently averaging about £55. The more digs you make the higher your chances of winning the cash prize, let alone any loot you find on the way!

Please note: it isn’t very obvious how to “dig” at first. Either enter a location/postcode/etc. in the search box (top right) or drag and click the map until you have zoomed into “square level” where you should be able to see a grid. Just click a square wink emoticon

And, please also note: The signup page asks for your mobile number and address which they do not use to sell you anything or share with 3rd parties. These details are only used to contact you if you have won a substantial prize on the paid version.

Sign up to Pirate Plunder (Free)

Treasure Hunt (Paid)

If you are interested in bigger prizes, and you are aware of the risks of gambling then the paid version looks pretty fun. As well as the higher cash prizes on the daily game, every few weeks they choose a handful of interesting spots on a map (eg. a football stadium or crop circle) and run themed “turbo” games where there is a rush to find the treasure over a two hour period. Watch this space for their upcoming Easter game where they say they have something up their sleeves for FPL members…

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Teach the kids about finances with a goHenry card + £5 free

Keep an eye on your kids’ spending from your laptop or mobile with a goHenry prepaid payment card. Get a 1 month free trial and a free £5 credit when you use this referral link!

Why not just give them cash? Well, the great thing about goHenry is that it gives you some control over how their money... Read more »

Another £100 Referral Competition + £200 Bonus!


Lots of good news! The Jackpot is going up to £80 per day, there’s £100 to win in our Referral Competition AND I’m increasing the available referral bonus from £10 to £200!

A year ago the daily “Jackpot” was £20. 2014 was such a good year for FPL that it rapidly climbed to £70 per... Read more »

Are you missing your £10 prizes on the Stackpot?


Unbelievably, I am still getting messages from veteran FPLers asking why I never told them about the Stackpot where I give away extra prizes every day!

I created the Stackpot because so many people told me that they wanted more chances to win smaller prizes. So, I added a new page and a new tab to... Read more »

Listen to my Interview on BBC Radio Essex

Last Saturday I was interviewed by Peter Holmes on BBC Radio Essex after he spotted an article on FPL in the Daily Mail.

If you follow the FPL Facebook Page you may have heard this already. If not, have a listen below. He asks some pretty good questions which should clarify a lot of things if... Read more »